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  1. getting a custom tune will be very noticeable...with TMGt and the PE delay a tune can feel like 50hp
  2. Good Day all! I used to be on this site for hours at a time and learned so much when the LQ9 was all the craze. I had a L92 Swapped AWS 2003 SSS that was stolen 2 years ago. sad times and I was truly going to walk away from performance cars... even my HPT was lost in the truck! So now I am coming back to see who is here and see if I can find out the info I need for my next project: Project Blue Turd. My kids named it sorry 2002 Blazer LS 2 WD 4.3/4L60e so I think dropping my extra LQ9 into it would be good tribute to all I learned on my SSS and also give me a new sleeper project...and after all the looks the SSS gets having something less flashy and more go'ie would be fun. -joe
  3. yes, it was almost stolen at target before...It was the 7 SS they stole from that parking lot. I parked for work, saw the guys casing the area and my sspider sence was going crazy but I was running late for a meeting at my new job, so I just push thru my gut instinct. came out after work and the truck was gone. Anyone have tips for getting the best value from the insurance company?? they offered me 12K...but that is not enough.
  4. we dont have emissions in MI. they ended up estimaiteing the mileage at under 100K, so they only got me for 15,000 miles
  5. Hello, dont visit here much anymore. But wanted to let you know my SSS was stolen 3 weeks ago. feel pretty shitty about it. Dealing with insurance now...any tips or advise in getting the best value for the truck?? I am having a hard time documenting mileage, or that is what the insurance company needs...anybody know how I might be able to document it having done all my own maintenance?? So if you see some silverado ss 15" vette brakes for sale...they are probably mine.
  6. yep, two piece rotors...not cheap update; not going to rebuild both caliper using the SS pistons, it was $130 EACH side...found a part from Harmonclassics (ZO6 caliper kit 170931868523) on ebay to rebuild one caliper, pistons, seals and dust boots for $79. So I will only have to rebuild one side and do pads on both. Still have to call Baer and upload pics...mudt have lost my ability to post pics when the demoted me from MOD
  7. So I was riding home and lost all brakes on the freeway...fun in after work traffic. Figured I lost maybe a line. Ran tbe rest of the stop signs home. Pull it apart and I shot a piston out of the caliper, lost a puck. Inside face of rotor is done, rotor is done! Been nursing this along since I got it, was scored and never really got a good mating of the pads and rotor. Dust boots. Carlson 41290, need a set for each side. $10 Caliper pistons. RBperformance. $138 Pads. Autozone wtf? Duralast DG1419. $59.99 Rotor surface. R-baer 136-6910312. L-136-6920312. $282.50 ea Total-773.95 Still trying to run down better deal on the rotors. The caliper pistons will be stainless and are better that be stock aluminum ones. Will post pics later.
  8. you need to list a price, it's a rule in the F/S section. I have seen them go from between $1000-$3000 gl with the sale
  9. the new dodge hellcat or what ever it is, is sweet. Powerful and cool to have the power unlocked with different keys. The new CTS-v is sweet too. I was hoping for a better GM truck showing but the new SUV's are nice (too expensive) The auto show is lame compared to the autorama. AWD FTW
  10. Forgot to mention I am running the stock muffler and have the corsa in the garage, it was on the loud side so I put the stock one back on to chill it out a bit.
  11. I am looking to sell my truck. Know it will find it's best new home from a place like this. It has under 70k miles. The mods are in my signature. It is a really clean truck with tasteful mods that bring the performance up and dont distract from the original look and style of the truck. This truck does not have either of the roof mounted horns (Onstar or XM radio) I have recently replaced a failing Throttle Body with a 90mm unit, a slight upgrade to the truck 87mm that I had been running. I recently replaced the Z06 Brake pads. I also replaced a wheel bearing that was bad. The tires are maybe 2 years old, bridgestone duelers. One owner, and babied! You can see alot of my life with the truck on here, it has been great but I drive alot more with my current job and am looking to get something different. Given it's age I would rate it outstanding, it has not been used and abused as a truck. The interior is very clean, non-smoker, no tear or rips in the seat, has always had rubber mats on the floor. The exterior is very clean, it does have a few dings (maybe one on each side). I will try to get some pics up but wanted to see if there is any interest here first then list it on Craigslist...worst case trade it in $15,000/best please PM me if you are interested. thanks -joe
  12. wow, very cool. GLWS. this seems like a decent deal for the parts you are getting.
  13. do you plan to make the down pipe two piece?? Kyle and Rick both seem to be using a 2 piece down pipe to make it easier to work on...man that looks great, I love "ulgy" turbo's. I say ulgy b/c that is what they called Allen's turck manifold kits, but they always seemed to run good cant wait to see it run and better yet get the fastest SSS !
  14. None of the parts you list are needed to upgrade your motor to a 427. Your fuel system and exhaust will be severely undersized for a 427.
  15. Does your radio lose the correct time? Radio preset? Might be another power issues?? Maybe your TAC box is going out??
  16. I have a Corsa sport, it's so loud that when you give it gas people will look. I took mine off! But am considering putting it back on to see if it actually Free's up some air flow???
  17. detjoe

    Knock at WOT

    I have not looked at/compaired the update I got from the tuning gods to what I was running...but 60 some changes and I am seeing no knock arcoss the limited pull I did and it picked up 80ftlbs from my last WOT (460ftlbs @ 5200RPMs)! I am back pumped to get a run at 12.99 Still need to do some loggin with the wideband and thru a few key cycles to store the misc data...my kids love loggin wot with me, I tell them "...now hold on..."
  18. detjoe

    Knock at WOT

    walkaround the file upload issue http://www.hptuners.com/forum/showthread.php?43355-Getting-some-KNock-is-it-real&p=324755#post324755 Kevin: It seems to be before the shift 5,200 this time but I have another log where it popped up at 4600?? I wonder if its false b/c its in so few spots? but I could be wrong. 224/230 on 114 .580's lift stock plugs I am not sure about the knock sensor settings, I am running an 'evolved' tune from a few different tunes that have had good parts and comparing them. I just changed up my lock up settings so my converter is not locking...made a huge difference when cruising!
  19. detjoe

    Knock at WOT

    I am working on getting the board back up to allowing for tune/logs to get uploaded, I think with the last upgrade the size has been reduced. But anyway, I am logging and tuning more...and its going good! I have changed up a tone of trans stuff and some of my idle stability down (thanks Mike!) But at WOT/5200rpm's/.88Gm/cly I get knock 4' and two other cells show knock, one was 4 and then after I let off the throttle a cell with 2' . Timing was at like 22, and commanded 26. I knwo this will be a lot easier with a log and tune working on it. Any other things I should look at?? Should I look at those cells on my VE table?? I need to log it and see what it does on the wideband...but for the most part my tune get 14.xx"s for part throttle and 12.xx's for WOT so I dont think its lean. I thought it was header hitting the frame but last log the kncok did not show up at the line or at the shifts?? thanks for reading this poast and offering suggestions to help get me down 1320 ft w/o knocking
  20. very nice of you to share your results...I felt that the last dyno sheet was off and under what power you probably have
  21. FWD 5.3 Impala's is the one on top of my head. I'll see if I can find a pic on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Grand-Prix-Monte-Carlo-Impala-Rear-Exhaust-Manifold-LS4-/350477943373?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3AImpala&hash=item519a1d024d&vxp=mtr#ht_602wt_904 it's like its begging to be converted to a turbo manifold!
  22. is it fair to compair this set-up with chase's twins?? With the S475, I would guess the boost comes in totally different...I wont go into a two small straws vs one BIG ASS straw arguement Another manifold I look at is the FWD 5.3's....talk about a funny (in a good way) looking thing. Keep the pics coming and the progress, would love to see a 10 year old truck get some 9's
  23. get a base tune for your new set-up... then nut and bolt everything, then get an official tune for power and driveability. So many things will need to get adjusted, with LTFT @ +25 you need your VE table tuned for the new air path. I know it sucks but it is better than brakeing something.
  24. HOw do you like the converter?? I have been thinking about going up in stall, my 3200 stalls @2800 so I am not in the sweet spot. Do you notice a difference in getting off the line with the new converter?? DR time baby!
  25. If you look you should be able to find the user here...or on PT.net and can see what actually is in the build.
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