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  1. Wait... that PN is for the green color matched one that goes on the tailgate of the Quadrasteer trucks. Still trying to find the SSS one.
  2. Posting here as the rest of the forum seems kinda dead. I have a 2002 Sierra Denali that I put a SSS spoiler on. It has since been beaten on pretty bad during a few hauls 😕 Was hoping to replace it. Can't find one anywhere. It looks like this: I think the PN is 15174202 but I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm or let me know where I can find one of these? Surely these are still available.. 😕 Thanks for the help everyone. Is there another place where everyone has gone? I know the Denali guys lurk on facebook now.. as much as I hate that place.
  3. Why do I feel that half of what was quoted above regarding suspension was just repeated? TBH, I understand why the Intimidator would be attractive as a collector model but not sure why someone would want to spend almost double on a truck that only has a couple extra badges and spoiler on it. GLWS
  4. Was run off the road a few weeks ago and lost two of my Boss 330 22x9 wheels. After looking for replacements, I found that Boss Motorsports has been killed so the wheels have been discontinued. Does anyone have a set for sale? I would even take just two. Thanks for your help. -Rick
  5. How wide are the tires on those wheels? My biggest worry about running 24s would be having wide tires on them and not getting traction in snow. I just throw the cruddy plasti-dipped stockers back on in the winter. :/
  6. Thanks bud Now I just have to finish the Regal turbo project. Then I can look into lowering the truck next year. Also want to finish up the Escalade console mods (clock, HVAC). At some point I want to upgrade the HU on this thing too. I swear... the whole modding thing is a disease that takes over.
  7. Sure you guys hear this shiz for years now. But I'm happy with it on my 6.0.
  8. I have a spare trans mount actually but, to me, the one in the truck seems good. Both cats rattle a bit if I hit them with my palm. The driver side one rattles a LOT. Keep y'all posted. Thanks again.
  9. That's a bizarre one. My rear leaks where the driveshaft goes in if I'm on a decline. Never heard of your situation though. Hopefully someone can chime in.
  10. Hmmm... To add an interesting wrinkle that I didn't previously think of, my motor is not the VHO. So, Magnaflow is saying the cats listed above will work on the SSS and 2006 Sierra (w/ VHO motor). I called them and they thought I should just go w/ the 2002 Sierra HD cats. Not sure if those are the correct ones. I was told that 93480 and 93479 would work. Need to look into this more.. I'd figure the 6.0L would have a very similar exhaust setup but I guess it's possible that the cat/s are in a different place on the d/p.
  11. Will check those out. Thanks much!!
  12. Thanks for the reply. Am I to be of the assumption you mean the Magnaflow unit is a bolt in or did it have to be welded? If it was a bolt-in, any chance you know the part number? I'm striking out looking for any alternatives to the CATCO ones I listed above. Thanks again.
  13. One very bad cat. Figured on replacing both while I'm in there.
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