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  1. Hmm idk man ive turned the motor before but never been below the pistons i can tell you will need new head gaskets. Try spraying the cylinder walls with carb cleaner and wipe them down but i doubt its anything there its probably something else man whats the history on the motor?
  2. Lol these dudes are very disrespectful trying to act like they are cool now. Show your true colors.
  3. Are you judging me? Why would you put Zippy in parentheses? Lol dude dont try to write correctly because you can't. Okay okay im done with all the crap talk with you jc so calm down
  4. Plus it says 6.0 intake that is not a 6.0 intake its a 6.2 intake mani!
  5. Im not gonna argue
  6. Lol stock ls3 top end
  7. With spray you plan 12s that pretty bad i mean litteraly bad. Lol slow
  8. Good people who talk crap about you while giving you advice lol you want a mild setup listen to these dudes.
  9. You guys arent even worth my time anymore. Just a bunch of stock ls3 top ends on a lq9 slow . . . you just busted yourself you idiot you sent me a picture of the top of intake lol dude dont even go there low and behold with me.
  10. Ha traitor you sent me a pick of the top of the intake fool!
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