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  1. Bnax

    2014 sliverado stalls

    I've had that happen a couple months ago pulling into a bank but that only happened the one time. Would still be nice to know why.
  2. Bnax

    Seat covers

    Have not but it looks promising. I wouldn't mind trying that myself.
  3. Bnax

    bigger than a 145 alt

    Very good alts. http://www.mechman.com/alternators/chevrolet/silverado/
  4. I've seen the video on the subs and the alt install good stuff and good product
  5. Bnax

    JL Audio Stealth Box's

    Thanks was your carpeted or just the bare fiberglass?
  6. Bnax

    JL Audio Stealth Box's

    Technically what the guy has is JL Audio Vantage enclosures which looks to be a stealth-box without the carpet.
  7. Has anyone on here had any first hand experience with the JL audio stealth box setups? I normally just build my own enclosures, but i may have a chance to pick up a 2-12" W0 setup for less than 300 which makes it an option. I just have no idea how they sound in these trucks. Its a down firing sub setup so i know its going to be a bit muffled and w0 is by no means a work horse but its not a terrible sub either. Just looking for some input Thanks Brandon
  8. Bnax

    2003 SS, stall, efans w/harness...

    Interested in the fans do you have pictures. Also do you have to program an 03 pcm to use them
  9. Bnax

    07 trailblazer SS

    the link doesn't seem to be working
  10. Bnax

    Should I switch or stay?

    My SSS has 97,xxx miles on it. I have put about 3,000 miles on the truck since I bought it so I am coming up on my first oil change. The dealer I got the truck from had records for the last 3 years for the truck and it had Pennzoil synthetic blend the entire time. At this point is there any real plus to changing out to full synthetic? Or would switching out to full synthetic just raise my chances of developing and oil leak? Thanks for any input on this Brandon
  11. Bnax

    Throttle body ?

    Well i guess that is why everyone jumps over to and LS3 TB
  12. Bnax

    New SS :)

    Ya I would like to know about the OBX as well
  13. Bnax

    Throttle body ?

    Well I guess I have to start looking for a TBSS or a 07+ 5.3 then
  14. Bnax

    Throttle body ?

    Does anyone make a larger throttle body for these trucks that does not need a x link converter? Thanks
  15. Bnax

    Ss silverado electric fans & intake

    what would one need to do to get that fan setup to work on an 03? and what "advantages" does it give you