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  1. What they said. Fender flares won't look good on your SS. Spend your money on other mods.
  2. Just don't use metallic-based paint for your xm antenna so that reception won't be affected.
  3. For plastic trims, you can apply adhesion promoter before painting them.
  4. Another solution is to plastidip it-- http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/80112-got-a-peeling-dash-plasti-dip-it/
  5. Paint the center caps and your wheels instead. Less expensive and easier to touch up.
  6. I have the husky mats and they work great. The fit is good, and they stay in place. The only drawback is the material that feels like a plastic, but still they are durable and easy to clean.
  7. +1 on silver paint. Red will look better on black trucks. Check out the G2 caliper paint kit.
  8. There are center caps available on ebay though not sure if you can get just one piece. Try also hubcaphaven.
  9. I hear goo things about the winter performance of Blizzaks. How's their noise on dry pavement?
  10. You can find replacements on ebay though you can't be sure of the quality. OEM mounts are still the best.
  11. Have the Bell Tech street shocks and I noticed a difference in ride quality. My rig rides very smooth now.
  12. Saw this one before. Might help others who want to try Bilsteins-- eshocks.com/bil_Ind.asp?VC=68q47&SubChar=q
  13. The AC Delco pads are hard to beat, but I must say the EBC are a good replacement.
  14. Basically large headers will produce high rpm hp, less low end yet poor mileage.
  15. I also have the Dynomax muffler that I bought from Dynomax Exhaust|4WO. Was about to get the Magnaflow but I want something louder yet not harsh and no drone. Overall, I'm happy with the sound and quality of my Dynomax.
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