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  1. im looking to get a set of tires for the track because i was spinning bad from the line so do you guys got any help for me ?
  2. who in phoenix dose good tunes ? Walkin' Under a Snake's Belly Supporting Member 13,414 posts Gender:Male Location:Plano, TX Owns:SS Color:Black Year:2003 Drivetrain:AWD
  3. if it helps out my truck ran a 14;8 with just a air rid intake and mangaflows 06 2wd 56k miles on it lq9 @345hp
  4. what is rasp ? *Elite SS Member* Member 1,997 posts Gender:Male Location:Rockford IL. Owns:SS Color:Black Year:2004 Drivetrain:AWD Posted 08 October 2013 - 07:46 PM Until you complain about the rasp.
  5. thanks a lot of good stuff said i got a flow master 50serise di/do k&n cold air intake and im just looking to do something to help it out so thats where im at
  6. im looking to help the air flow in my truck should i remove my cats or put high flow cats ? what do you guys think would be best 2006 ss silverado 6.0 LQ9
  7. I'm looking to get some headers on my SSS and like to know what would u Recommend any Ideas ?
  8. Thanks that some good info I like to know how to get a tune zippy Blackbeard Wheatley ?
  9. I like the tips I'm gonna put them on my truck but before the tire on the passenger side
  10. Hello I'm trying to get the most go out of my 2006 ss silverado 2wd 6.0 vortech maxx I have a air rid intake system with a k&n filter and I still got my cats but no muffler it's just so I really need some help to get my truck back in to shape could any one help me I like to know Which programmer which set of headers what type of the Exhaust system what type of intake system should I use throttlebody spacer so what can you guys suggest that I can do to help out my truck
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