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  1. looking for a passer side rocker panel

  2. 85SS/85GN

    SS parts

    Bumper brackets are sold
  3. 85SS/85GN

    SS parts

    Yes everything is available
  4. you still have transfer case ? If so what are you asking and where are you located?

    1. 85SS/85GN


      Yes $200 beaver dam Wisconsin

  5. 85SS/85GN

    SS parts

    Have some left over parts from a 04 Silverado SS Brake ducts 06-07 style $200 shipped Bumper cover brackets $400 shipped CD player worked when pulled $60 shipped Transfer case Front diff
  6. Have a pair of 06-07 Silverado SS brake ducts and lower bumper grille. Diamond pattern. No damage to them. Brand new two years ago. $275 shipped for ducts $125 shipped for grille
  7. 85SS/85GN

    Magnaflow exhaust system

    Still for sale
  8. 85SS/85GN

    Silverado SS parts

  9. 85SS/85GN

    Silverado SS parts

  10. 85SS/85GN

    Silverado SS parts

    Rear bumper is a stock Silverado bumper. This is the only parts I have left
  11. 85SS/85GN

    Silverado SS parts

    Parted out a 03 Silverado SS. For the most part is want I have left. Front differential 4:10 gears awd needs a rebuild $300 obo Rear leaf springs $50 AWD transfer case nv149 $300 obo Rear differential 4:10 posi disc brakes I will the posi unit needs a rebuild. $300 obo Rear chrome bumper/trailer hitch $75 obo Tailgate surface rust on the inner lip. $90 Front bumper cover assembly all gm parts new two years ago. 06-07 diamond style lower grille and brake ducts. Comes with the mounting brackets to mount to front bumper. $800
  12. 85SS/85GN

    Magnaflow exhaust system

  13. 85SS/85GN

    Magnaflow exhaust system

    Have a magnaflow exhaust system. Part #15838. Used maybe three years. Asking $500
  14. 85SS/85GN

    Parting out a 03 Silverado SS

    Fenders are junk grille is sold rims are sold