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  1. 12secss e mack

    9.94 @ 138

    One fast truck ,Great job ...I hope to be into the 9 sec club this spring .
  2. yes, I am .....But the day i went to track it was 80degrees out...
  3. Blackbear ,tunes my truck and it's the fastest Silverado SS .
  4. 12secss e mack


    all is well ,KEVIN ...and still running 4l65e
  5. 12secss e mack


    Justin ,tunes my truck and it's one of the fastest Silverado SS in the country 10.40 @130mph in the 1\4
  6. you will fine one , best to go with a TVS if you can.
  7. I have two 8 rib tvs2300\1900 super charger pulleys for sale one is 3.00 8 rib, one is 3.20 8 rib ….100.00 each.
  8. Went to Numidia Dragways on Friday night to see if I can be the first Silverado SS in the 9's but didn't happen 8rib pulley system slip bad after 1000 ft....I did improve my 1\4 mile time but by very little over last year....10 rib pulley system here I come...time slip posted 4601
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