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  1. that1dood

    M1A Magazines

    http://ammoseek.com/magazines?ikw=M1a Looks like ya got a few choices in the 40 dollar range for what you are looking for bud
  2. that1dood

    FRP and Carbon Fiber Parts

    Whoa just got back from a short deployment overseas but I'm super stoked to see some progress on the cf brake ducts! I'm in once you have those bad boys ready to go
  3. that1dood

    FRP and Carbon Fiber Parts

    Carbon fiber brake ducts and ss emblems. Had my truck repainted and am patiently waiting for some real cf badges to be available before I she'll out 100 a set for lame Grey ones
  4. that1dood

    Ss Silverado Exhaust Tips Gm Oem New!

    6 year old thread. Would be nice though...
  5. that1dood

    starting part out

    If you can do 40 shipped for the visors I'll take em. You can drop me an invoice to [email protected]
  6. that1dood

    starting part out

    How much for the sun visors shipped to 92117?
  7. that1dood

    Found on FB

    Shit accident clicked the report button on your comment as I was scrolling on my phone, 8hnp. Not sure what that does sorry man didn't mean to.
  8. that1dood

    06 ss cowl hood

    I'll be going by the shop Friday to take some pics! Truck should be done in a couple more weeks. So stoked about this hood
  9. that1dood

    06 ss cowl hood

    Hey dont go hooking anyone else up with this hood. At least no one on the west coast for like 3-4 months lol. Need to make sure everyone on this side has time to see me Ballin out solo status before they go main stream!
  10. that1dood

    WTB factory spindles and torsion keys

    I actually got a set of factory spindles. Interested in buying the Mcgaughys? I can get pics to you today if you want. Pm me your number
  11. that1dood

    Need a paint shop near San Diego

    So I have an update.. The initial estimate to repair the damage, replace the tail lights and repaint was 1800 bucks and some change. I found a legit shop that does amazing work that is redoing the estimate and submitting it to the insurance for approval. There were some damages that weren't addressed and all of the hourly rates were super low (I. E. 30 an hour for repair work when every shop in the world charges at least 55). the new estimate should be closer to 3 grand if not slightly over so after that to cover the rest of the truck, I will be out of pocket between 3 and 4 grand. Could be a lot worse I suppose but the truck was in need of new paint so I guess it's not all too bad. I'll start a new thread and post some pics of the damage and repair/repaint progress as it happens. If anyone else ever needs a paint shop in San Diego I have become an expert on the subject these last 2 weeks lol
  12. that1dood

    Need a paint shop near San Diego

    And just to be clear... I have been budgeting to get the truck repainted anyways and have set aside about 6k. But given the fact that a drunk driver decided to hit my parked truck and then run when I told him the cops were coming to write an incident report, it would be such a nice gesture for his pos ass to help reduce the amount I'd have to pay... I'm not looking for a whole paint job for free, just a little body work and what not rolled into the actual repair...
  13. that1dood

    Need a paint shop near San Diego

    Well that does me no good sir.
  14. So the other night my truck was hit while it was parked outside my apartment... I'm pretty sure the bed is going to get replaced... Does anybody know of a good body shop in the area that wouldn't mind burying some work and paint costs into an insurance claim? I'd like to have my tailgate handle shaved as well as get the rest of the truck repainted the same time the bed gets replaced/painted without paying a ton out of pocket...
  15. that1dood

    SS rear bumper

    I think I paid 85 bucks or so for the chrome one on eBay and just painted it black with engine paint.