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  1. Been in the market for a cam swap. Already have longtubes and exhaust ready, just need to finish up with the cam, rods, springs, and tune. Truck just hit 150k miles and I've never had any engine issues or re-builds (other than the front differential 1 year ago). Transmission is also stock. Just wondering of any potential challenges or issues given the age and mileage of the motor. Looking at a BTR Stage 3 cam with eventually a Circle D 2600-2800. Thanks in advance
  2. Does anyone offer or know any decent shops in the Pittsburgh area who can tune? I've reached out to Domin8 Tuned but it doesn't appear that my small project is worthy (no responses). Not only does the truck feel sluggish due to the added airflow, I've observed a very noticeable ticking sound once the truck is warmed up. The noise is first noticeable at idle, and increases in speed when accelerating. I've read this could be normal noise due to the headers, but I think something else is creating this as headers shouldn't sound that way. Also seems to be more of a whisping sound as I accelerate, almost like an exhaust leak. I doubt the tune will alleviate the ticking noise, but ultimately need someone to help diagnose and get a tune. Thanks in advance
  3. Amazing how tall the truck looks prior to the drops. Wish I could go 4/6 or 5/7 but I'm stuck at 3/4 w/ AWD.
  4. truck looks clean, video was bland. Need more than just circling the truck in the garage. Need some rollers.
  5. Bumping an old thread. I've got a set for sale with tires in VA Beach - http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/88043-fs-20x85-silver-sss-wheels-wtires-in-va/
  6. I have a complete set of stock 20's with tires for sale. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/88043-fs-20x85-silver-sss-wheels-wtires-in-va/
  7. I've gotten that recommendation before. Its funny you mention VA Speed as I've reached out to them a few years ago for the same thing. They basically turned me down because they don't have an AWD dyno and could only complete 85% of the tune. However, they did say they could help IF I made an appointment at another shop with an AWD dyno and could have the truck towed there from VA Speed... I'm not sure if things have changed since then, but I've read a few mixed reviews about VA Speed.
  8. Looking for a reputable shop who can perform a cam install and tune in the VA area. I've got a few feelers out but wanted to see if there are any specific to our trucks. Thanks
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