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  1. hey **** nuts, i've sent you a couple emails and you dont respond....did you get fired? did the company finally realize you were useless???
  2. AHHH common...you got one good deal spend da money
  3. HEY WHATS UP??!?!? yeah sold it then did a repo job and now i sold it again, lol......but the truck got a new owner now....someone good (DsoMonster aka Ron)....alright boys ill be checking in every once in a while...laterz
  4. doing good, how you been?? actually i took the subs and put them in my car built a new box with umm proper air space so they hit HARDer....very nice!!! love them subs ;-)
  5. nope, the closest dyno is about 6 hours away in LA....and with gas prices thats a pretty penny
  6. *****SOLD****** sup people, been a while. Any how she is up for sale again. Im willing to listen to all reasonable offers. Here's basically what shes got. Ive included some pics as well. She is still very clean on the exterior and interior with about 48000 miles, and about 12000 on the 'new' motor. Hit me up for any questions. makani -Cast Iron 408ci -EFI Live Flashscan scan and tune -Lunati Pro Billet Stroker Kit w/Wiseco Forged Pistons (Dished), 9.1:1 compression -Jessel Roller Rockers -242/242 .560 lsa 114 custom comp cam -STS GT70 turbo -Custom Methanol Tank -NOS 75 wet
  7. ill be taking my turbo off, the STS 70mm and looking to sell it in a couple weeks.
  8. lol i read the rules, but i knew i was an exception
  9. yes its pretty nice, i think if i can remember correctly it says 335hp on the center console near the stick. But yes its a cool car! Thank you for your post!
  10. 1996 collector edition LT4, 6 speed, full loaded with 57,000 miles. In excellent shape. I'm posting this for my father inlaw. You can shoot me any emails and ill forward them to him.
  11. just sent you an email. I am also near the bay area in sacramento. let me know. makani This is an '03 silverado SS. There are ~39,000 miles, however only ~6,000 miles on the new custom built motor. The truck has a 408ci engine with a STS turbo setup. Also built to run NOS if The transmission was also built from ATO transmissions to handle the truck's power. Truck has been maintained properly and has had regular 3,000 mile oil changes. Here is a list of goodies that have been added. -Cast Iron 408ci -EFI Live Flashscan scan and tune -Lunati Pro Billet Stroker Kit w/Wiseco F
  12. im thinking someone one is an attention whore and it isnt the ex....
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