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  1. Anyone from TX shed some light on vehicle inspections? Moving to Houston area in a couple weeks. My main concern is emissions. I plan on finally getting around to installing my LT headers. I was going to remove the cats but if my county requires emissions test then I'd leave them in. -Bobby
  2. I didn't even realize I was missing a center cap on the passenger rear wheel. The tech must of had it clocked wrong, if he even put it on at all. I called the shop and they are ordering me a new one.
  3. Yea I'm up in Ohio for a couple years for work, definitely missing those Florida winters though Yes, I'm lowered 2/2
  4. Thanks guys. Yea they have been great so far and fill with wheel wells up nice, rub a little on full turn but I'm okay with that since I saved money going with them. They are soft compared to the 420s I had on, I'll be sure to change them in the spring. Hopefully have them for a few seasons.
  5. Needed winter tires, wanted a 50 series but the shop had a deal on the 275/60/20 blizzaks so went with them.
  6. Thanks for all the useful input guys, definitely have a lot to consider. I would like to purchase a cheap winter beater but don't want to run into problems/repairs with the car during my first winter. I am just going to drive the SS. Looking on craigslist now for a set of 17" rims I can wrap some winter rubber around and with some added weight over the rear axle I think it'll manage. Good point on the fuel levels too, I'll keep her full. Will I be okay with 5w-30 engine oil? Yea John, I don't think I'll be on the wakeboard for awhile.....bummer That would be cool, maybe spring time we all can meet up
  7. Hey guys, This florida boy accepted an engineering job working for Siemens Energy outside of Columbus, Ohio. I start the second week of December....fml. Seen snow a few times but never lived in it. I'm not able to afford to buy a winter beater yet so I will be daily driving the SS, I'll have a garage though. Any recommendations on winter prep? Fluids? Will the N420s grip on 2wd? Weigh down the rear? Thanks, Bobby
  8. Check out the Engine Tech and Mods section, there's a couple cam guides with lots of good info
  9. all videos work for me on my pc truck sounds really good man
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