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    New Mag-Hytec Transmission Pan

    I forgot to add 'I know this thread is old.' I'm still glad the tip exists here though.
  2. Airborneninja

    New Mag-Hytec Transmission Pan

    I love this stuff. Thanks man. I've never done this trick either. Jacking up the trans is a great way to do it. I've never had the option of removing the torx bolts up top either. They've always been so corroded I couldn't even tell what they were. Cleveland snow and salt. Never had a brand new truck either. I checked the trans area on the SS out the other night, and everything looks amazing under there, but I reached up on the shifter bracket and those torx bolt heads are just little piles of rust. I thought for sure this would be the one I don't have to bend and cuss at for a half hour. Lol It actually looks like there's enough clearance to get the pan off without even bending the bracket though, so maybe I'll luck out like some others have.
  3. Please close the thread then, so I can stop having to defend myself against swearing, name calling 'veterans'. Trust me, I will NEVER post here again. I have a life, and I can't believe I've sat here and argued with little worms hiding behind computers calling me names. Every helpful thing I get from this site was from years ago anyway. When positive people with mechanical ability, and writing ability made the posts, like that Mr. P. I will keep coming back to read that stuff. But this .... you guys can have it. Goodbye. I could've really helped some people, I've already tried if you see my history.
  4. My vette pan and filter came in last night to swap for the stock transmission pan on the SSS. I got under the truck with it, and it's a direct fit. The exhaust Y pipe is well behind and below the added sump area. The tube on the new trans filter dips down into the sump, where there's about an extra quart of fluid that is always in place. It's a little longer than the oem filters for Silverados. Pics of the pan. It also has a drain plug added that I didn't notice when I ordered it. Didn't think to get a pic of the filter yet. It's going on tonight if all goes well.
  5. Name calling, swearing, and personal disrespect from 'veteran' members of this site like idahoBLKss are what's ruining it. Not literate, helpful new members with fresh ideas. I didn't realize I was a dumba$$, drunken pothead. I thought I was a disabled combat veteran trying to start a new life with a 136 IQ and a college education that hasn't touched drugs or had a drink in 3 goddamn years, that likes to work on trucks and help people. Thanks for the helpful wisdom, 'veteran'! It's your hypocrisy toward new members that is ruining this site. I hope someone reads this thread in the future and sees how hypocritical you've been. I see you have a Zippy tune. Why don't you ask Zippy about his HP output or his C5 pan recommendations? Oh, that's right. You're an idiot. He says it's a no brainer. You probably have it on your truck and forgot, and now you're arguing the wrong point. That wouldn't surprise me, judging from your literacy.
  6. Illiteracy strikes again, dummy. I never said that. But yea, I bet it's definitely close to 25% more than what my coworkers stock 2000 Corvette with a 4 speed is acually putting out. You're not over 431? If not, why? Oh that's right, you're an idiot. you probably are over 431, you're just arguing the wtrong side. Like a typical idiot.
  7. How important do you guys think it is to do a full transmission flush instead of just dropping the pan and changing the filter? I'd prefer to exchange all my fluid, but I don't trust any shops in the area to do a flush correctly to clear out the tc and everything. (I wouldn't trust a shop in my area to air up a tire properly) Maybe I'll do a couple pan drops over a few weeks time and keep diluting with new fluid until it's replaced the old? :-) I'd like to go to Dexron 6 anyway. What do you guys do?
  8. You don't get it. You must be illiterate or stupid if I'm drunk or high. Don't get personal with me, Internet Rambo. Learn to read. I know our trucks are heavier than a Corvette. When did I say they're not, Captain Obvious? Most of us here also have WELL over 25% more HP than 345. And I'm pretty sure I said same driver, so whatever the outcome, no one is stomping me. Illiteracy and assumptions are a serious problem in this country. Transmission pans are not. Get your priorities straight.
  9. Sure. I also posted pics to make it easier to see how I measured. It's 4 inches total depth, pan with sump. The sump itself hangs 1 1/2 inches below the rest of the pan. The benefits of the sump are not extra fluid or cooling, just added fluid collection and suction.
  10. Next best thing since sliced bread? I stated facts. Those are just facts about what it does, and I explained that to you on the other thread days ago. The first thing I said was EXACTLY what it does, and that it is probably overkill. Then you jumped on here and immediately said it's "pointless", and disregarded it because it's not a cooler. Read my previous post for some more facts on our "farm trucks" versus a Corvette. My farm truck seems to need this pan worse than the vaunted corvette does. I never said just cause something came on a "corvette" its gonna be awesome for our trucks. I sure don't want Goodyear Eagles on my truck. Or a rag top. Or RWD. You originally said it was a pointless mod and a waste of money, but I'm glad you now see what I'm getting at. Just trying to share this with guys here who have been helpful. I'm not claiming it can do anything that it is not intended for. It is not for cooling, it is for exactly what I stated it is for. And now there is further evidence from highly respected members of this site who have actually already done this, and say it is a great upgrade. Interesting. And then you're going to harp on an 's' being added to the word 'servo'? Laugh out loud at that last grasp. That's all you got left, huh. No hard feelings though from me, you helped me research this mod even more and realize that our trucks need it more than the car it was installed on. The more I read about it, the more I justify it's installation.
  11. No, the guys in the thread I just posted are helping people. This here is nothing but negativity and false claims. I will not be discredited by someone who does not even understand what's going on. Why didn't he discredit all those members like Zippy back in 07, when they made accurate statements as to the purpose and benefit of this pan, just like I TRIED to do here? You wouldn't race a stock c5 vette through curves??!! It's not crack, buddy it's called confidence. I would put money on my truck (with new tires) against one anytime anywhere. Here are some facts for you.... 'Buyers could purchase the C5 Corvette with a four-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. Both drivetrains could achieve 345 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 350 lb-ft. of torque at 4,400 rpm. In performance, "Motor Trend" reports that the LS1 could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, hit 109.3 mph in the quarter-mile in 13.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 173.9 mph.' You see that guys? The angelic C5 Corvette has MATCHING HORSEPOWER and LESS TORQUE than a STOCK Silverado SS. And the 1/4 mile times are easily achievable too (and that's a straight line, not curves). How could a built awd SSS NOT beat a stock, REAR WHEEL DRIVE c5 Corvette in a road race? Fact is, it will. All day. And with just a few hundred bucks added to a stock SSS, it would beat that vette in ANY race, ANYwhere, ANYtime. And that stock vette, which is slower AND corners worse than my truck, comes with this pan on it straight from Chevrolet, to prevent the trans filter sucking air on launches and curves....... Ummm, my truck launches faster, AND handles curves faster than a stock c5, so to me and several other respected members of this site, this UPGRADE is a no brainer. To others, it seems to be on par with a throttle body spacer for some reason. But again, my faith and trust is in Zippy, Krambo, Mr. P, and GM Performance over someone who doesn't even own the vehicle this pan is for, ANYDAY. Yea, I think I'll trust the Corvette engineers at GM Performance, thanks. If they deemed this pan necessary on a car that doesn't even need it as badly as my truck, then my truck definitely needs it now. Again for clarity.... If you race two equal drivers on a road course, one in a less powerful, slower RWD car, and one in an AWD truck which also has more power and torque, who do you think is going to win 9 out of 10 times?! Probably 10 out of 10 actually. A stock c5 Corvette, even a Z06 with a 6 speed, is not even a threat to one of our built trucks on a road course, or even in the 1/4 mile if you spend a few hundred dollars on your stock SSS. I suppose you're intimidated by Ford Raptors too. Our trucks will leave a stock Raptor choking on exhaust fumes. I do it all the time here in Ford country. I'd even race one of those ugly things in dirt and sand, with mild upgrades and tires on my truck. And beat that Ford again for a 1/4 of the price.... then swap tires and beat a vette on a road course... then tow the vette home!!! Thanks again everyone who posted here, even to the negative posts about this hidden gem. I am more convinced now than ever that I NEED this pan put on my truck. You all can read the FACTS and make your own decisions.
  12. You're right. Zippy and Krambo too, it seems. Look what I found... http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/36531-deep-transmission-pan/?hl=24208593&do=findComment&comment=427369 Hmm, interesting UPGRADE idea there, and coming from 'veteran' members with tens of thousands of posts, six years ago! Very nice read, thank you Sprayed99. I rest my case. I respect the opinions of Zippy over someone who polished their water pump and tells me I'm wasting money any day. They all loved the C5 Corvette pan and recommend it to everyone. HA! Thanks again, Sprayed99. It took awhile, but I found that thread by searching the part # of the pan.
  13. Any idea how to find the video? I searched Youtube and didn't see it.
  14. Airborneninja

    Upgrade ideas

    Are the stock manifold gaskets really the best? I was wondering about this recently because I'm planning on LT headers for my SS soon too. Also my 03 Yukon XL sounds like a diesel when you first start it, until the manifold gaskets heat up and expand a little. I kinda get a kick out of it, but if I changed them out, stock is good?
  15. I didn't realize jumping out of planes taught you how to work on a truck? I missed the part where I claimed that. US Army Airborne Jumpmasters taught me to jump out of planes. I taught myself to work on a truck. He's not saying "you are dumb for this" he's simply saying money is better spent elsewhere if money is an issue. Everyone is over reacting today holy f. Yes smoke will work just don't use your wiper blades. Lol. My wiper blades spray plasti dip instead of washer fluid, so it's all good.
  16. Thanks for the tip, I'm new at this. Can I do my windshield? I see they have a 'smoke' color I should try. Aah screw it, black always looks better.
  17. It was all explained directly to him on another thread. He then got on this thread with the pics and disregarded everything that I already explained. I'm just explaining again. And again. And again. How is anyone who has "polished water pump" in his list of mods for the SS he HAD, going to seriously say this $20 upcharge transmission pan off of a Corvette does "nothing" and is a waste of money"? IQs are now based on number of posts someone has on a website? Or can someone have a valid idea who spent their life driving and fixing GM trucks, jumping out of airplanes and getting shot at instead of polishing their fan blades and sitting at a computer?
  18. "I recently read that someone paid $700 TOTAL for a trans cooler INSTALLATION." Ummmm... should I read this aloud for the class? Here I am again repeating myself to 'veteran' members who seem to just pick and choose parts of my sentences, then reply based on what they concocted. Thanks again for the extremely helpful and non-repetitive comments from the "veterans" of a website. I'll save my 20 years of self taught mechanical experience on GM trucks for myself and my family. This is a TRUE veteran (7 years US Army, Sergeant, 82nd Airborne Division. Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan combat service, now disabled because of surgeries on my destroyed paratrooper knees and a rocket explosion in my ear) signing out. I will be back with pics and a detailed description of my plasti dipped rims, bumpers, valve covers, intake, hood, steering wheel, dash, and license plate holder. That's going TO BE FAST!!
  19. I'm tired of repeating myself to 'veteran' members who claim something is pointless because it doesn't do something that I never even claimed it was for. C5 Corvette deep sump transmission pan DISCLAIMER: This will not cool your transmission. This is a C5 Corvette pan that benefits high performance vehicles on launch and in high speed turns, and it fits our trucks. You may find that interesting, you may not. If you're changing your fluid and your pan needs replaced, this is a nice $20 upcharge. If you would like a cooler, buy a cooler. That was pretty much it from me from the start, and all I've done is have to repeat myself to 'veterans' since. Thanks to the 'veteran' members for helping me see the light now. I will now return the Corvette pan, lower my truck 2 inches, buy aftermarket lights, add a transmission cooler, and a radix. Maybe get everything under the hood polished too. Then maybe something I post will be considered valid by the 'veteran' members. I apologize for finding something rare that I assumed someone might find interesting. I didn't realize it had to be run by the 'veterans' first to make sure they have one on their truck already. Or in some cases perhaps, HAD one. Also, not a boast, but if you put almost any driver in my SS on a road track, I really think he would run it faster in my AWD SS, than he could in a stock C5 Corvette. And the stock C5 Corvette came with this pan, along with servos, so why shouldn't I add this to MY truck (yes, my truck) for an additional $20 when doing a fluid, filter, and pan change? I'll post about how much better it shifts in a few days, if at all. Yes, that was sarcasm earlier about seeing 'the light'. I can make my own decisions without the green Kool Aid.
  20. It's not a cooler. I never claimed I got it to cool the transmission fluid. Adding this pan while doing my NEEDED fluid and filter change cost me about $20 extra over a stock pan. I didn't realize that scheduled maintenance on a rare, somewhat high performance vehicle is a waste of time and money, since I'm not "gaining anything". I recently read that someone paid $700 total for a trans cooler installation. The fluid change I'm doing is required IMO, will take me an hour and cost me $20 extra. Perhaps I should spend my money on getting a polished water pump instead. Thanks for the advice. I'll post when I install a cooler too.
  21. Airborneninja

    Upgrade ideas

  22. Pics of the "deep sump" transmission oil filter with extended tube. The paper included from GM Powertrain states that this filter with extended pick up tube is only to be used in 4L60E transmissions with "deep sump" bottom pan. AC Delco Corvette parts are always welcome in my vehicles.
  23. Very nice! Thanks man. It's definitely in the future. Definitely.
  24. I see in your signature that you don't actually own a vehicle that this pan is for, so perhaps not. Thank you for all your helpful comments though. I'm going down to Grog's transmission shop now to have him put drain plugs in all 4 corners of my pan. I might even leave the plug out of one hole to help the tranny run cooler.