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  1. Unfort it is still out there somewhere. No longer my truck if found the insurance owns the title. Used the settlement as a down payment on a 17 midnight edition w/ 6.2. Hell of a nice truck. Dont like the payment tho
  2. Truck not at the apt complex. Back to square one. Keep a look out please. Apts were The Heritage off of Duncaville Rd
  3. UPDATE:::: Truck was photographed and found in some database at an apt complex around Duncanville Rd and Ledbetter Rd in Duncanville on Thursday the 10th, at 1:32 PM. Investigators going there now.
  4. Hey all thanks for keeping an eye out. Only antitheft was the stock system. Big lesson learned
  5. Hi all please move this thread if required. I'm wired and just doing this quickly. 2005 Chevrolet Silverado SS. Black. LIcense plate #GBJ 4337. Two back window decals. Lower left back corner decal: In Memory of Lou. Lower right back corner decal: Don't Tread on Me. Grey hard tonneau cover with passenger side lock completely missing. Full interior/exterior LEDs and HID headlights. One of the daytime running lights is not working properly. Windows tinted. **Driver side mirror is messed up. The actual mirror has moisture and some dark matter on it** Stolen from Citibank off of Regent BLVD in Irving texas at 2:30PM CST on Wed the 9th. 214-683-5344 EDIT: Added pics and edited description.
  6. Hey all, Was wondering if you can just buy the Silver/Grey rectangular inserts for the lower portion of our grills. My father in law broke one off and needs a replacement. Or does he have to buy a complete bumper? Thanks!
  7. Just an update. I cut the pin on my stock flasher and wahlah, good to go. Thanks all.
  8. Hey all, I just installed switchback turn signals in the front, as well as the resistors. They work but hyperslash. Should I just cut the pin on the relay to fix? I was sort of under the impression that they should work completely with just the resistors installed. When I put my hazards on they work perfect. Only when turning on a turn signal do they hyperflash. Here is a vid, pretty sure you can see it, i made it public. https://www.facebook.com/Slick.NickWS6/posts/10156836864250422?notif_t=like&notif_id=1460676740517357
  9. I was lurking around a few months ago and I saw a thread where someone found a really cheap good quality front bumper replacement... Just curious if anyone still has leads on these?? Also will an SS bumper fit a 2004 GMC truck? It's been too long for me and I have forgotten which parts are interchangeable ha
  10. I live in texas do i need a thermal bypass for the cooler?
  11. Well good thing is, I have the 4l65e!! haha what an upgrade!! I kinda figured everyone would just say yes it can do it however be-careful with your stopping distance. Thanks for the input all!!
  12. May be upgrading to Hawk pads as well... Did wonders on my Trans Am. Thanks for the replies so far!
  13. So I will be moving from Dallas to Shreveport in Aug of next year. I am curious to know if my truck, 2005 2wd stock suspension could bumper pull a 2 car trailer... WITH AIR BAGS... i will install air bags of course for the towing needs plus for future towing. I towed my 2002 Trans Am with a Uhaul trailer in July and It pulled it just fine, the power handled it with ease. Sagged a bit due to not being able to really manipulate the load on the trailer. With a 2 car bumper pull I could arrange the cars easier. I am thinking what, 10k lbs for both cars plus a trailer??? IMO the 6.0 with 373s and tranny cooler could do this like nothing. I do have access to a weight distributing hitch if needed. Can it do it? Would be pulling the Trans am and a 2012 BMW 135i... Here it is pulling the trans am
  14. Yea i think i just didnt get them hot enough.... THey still look good tho, just beat to hell around the edges, but you cant see em ne ways with the hood shut
  15. I did them tonight.... and i dont understand how you guys easily separated them. I mangled the shit out of them lol... May have to keep my ebay ones on... Tore the shit out of the black housings.. You cant just get in there and "cut" the existing silcone. You have to pry... No matter how hard i tried not to bend/cut the housing, it did... Must have been doing something wrong I think I really needed to heat it up more and longer
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