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  1. Lol... I was waiting for this replies, didn’t want to be the first to break his bubble. Maybe they just made 1 of 1 ?
  2. Price with shipping to 90022 please.. Thank you
  3. Hows the ride smooth? How does it handle on curves? Any hitting? Thanks
  4. Please post the end results of the 2” drop, let us know how it handles, etc. I want to do a 3/4 drop, but my understanding and reading all post is that it hits a little on bumps. Thanks,
  5. Did it have a lowering kit? If so, is it available? I am in California myself.
  6. Can you text me 323 5287015


  7. Is this a direct bolt on or welding involved and is it California legal? thanks
  8. Hi Richard, i did follow your thread on the rebuilt of this intimidator and the silver birch you got for your wife. In regards this intimidator you have done a beautiful job bringing her back to life. this is a great example of what a rebuilt should be, you did NOT hesitate on putting money and quality work into it. There is an intimidator for sale in virginia beach with 98,000 miles and certificate. I live in California and thats 2,750 miles away from my home. I want it, but the drive is too much for me. I would have to fly to Norfolk, Va and drive it back and i don’t think it’s a good idea, i can do Texas though :)..
  9. Have you sold your intimidator? I sold mine and regret it, but that happens when you divorce. Please inform interested in replacing it, also what state are you in? There is one in virginia beach, VA, but it’s a far drive
  10. I Sold my Intimidator with only 90,000 Miles, clean title NO accidents a few extra's with it's Certificate of Authencity for 15,700. I would have never sold it, but here in Los Angeles it was a matter of time before I walked out the mall and saw it missing, NO matter what security I had on it. I miss it, since I was the only one to seem to have had a Certificate.
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