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  1. So let me get this straight. with the parts stated above, the full tbss manifold swap will be achieved? For my 03 SS, all I need to do is put in a vette regulator and ill be set for returnless style? I had read it was a vette fuel filter....? and what exactly is the 3/8" hose for....
  2. do you also have an xlink for sale? is that why you ask? either way, ill take the tb.....can you text me some pics?
  3. no I don't....so far ive only got the manifold coming in bare. im trying to gather parts for the swap
  4. this throttle body is what I need for my tbss manifold swap, correct?
  5. how much more would I benefit from using a true 90mm?
  6. how would the tbss fuel rails work with the Delphi 42#ers on my 03 sss with a tbss manifold swap?
  7. is it true 90 or 87mm?? oh, and im very interested in it, ha.
  8. GO EAGLES!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have a stock ss exhaust system.....
  10. Is that what you run in the 1/8th with the mods in your sig? Im just asking because I run about the same times and I was thinking maybe I had a crappy tune or something especially with my shitty 2.2 60ft
  11. yeah, shadowsniper is definitely your man. I recently did a 243 head swap on mine unported but milled .030'' which has me at around 11.5:1 or so...
  12. sweet! I appreciate the feedback, bro. I actually looked into it and it seems like the 07' 5.3 intake manifold has the exact same part number as the tbss...just something to ;look out for for those of yall looking for one.
  13. And I should expect to see the same gains with the nnbs as I would with the tbss? Has anyone here done the swap and felt like they lost power in the bottom end? It seems like something I hear way too often, ha.
  14. I haven't really taken in too much info on the nnbs manifolds....mind schooling me on them just a bit? How do they compare against the tbss manifolds? What's needed to complete the swap? Can you use a 90mm tb with them?
  15. BattleAxeSSS


    love the hood, man! Which one do you have?
  16. bump. does anyone know of a site or somewhere I can purchase one?
  17. Damn, I was ready to jump all over the x-link! Glwts bro
  18. I apparently don't have access to their site yet....how much? you mind giving him my email?
  19. Any one have a tbss intake manifold they want off their hands?
  20. You seriously couldn't have explained it to me any better, john. I really appreciate all the valuable information you and the gurus from the forum more than happily share with us newbies . It sounds like the tbss manifold with the 90mm tb is the right match for my current ls6 heads and 224r cam setup. Thanks again John!
  21. 12.41 is still ridiculously impressive for a stock cubed na setup
  22. Well fellas, Ive searched up and down our forum for past posts that could answer my question on which intake manifold is preferred amongst sss owners, but have only left further confused. My setup currently consists of 243 heads, cam, stall, headers, and custom tune. Ive read that the tbss is the best bang for the buck, but has anyone ever actually dynoed for numbers? I even read somewhere that the tbss had insignificant gains, and that the fast was a waste of money. Will someone please clear this up for me? Oh, and I plan on staying na all the way, ha.
  23. Those trucks make me feel as sick as if i had walked in on my parents doing it.....not that its happened to me, lol. Those trucks are from my hometown by the way,which im very sad to admit.
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