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  1. So let me get this straight. with the parts stated above, the full tbss manifold swap will be achieved? For my 03 SS, all I need to do is put in a vette regulator and ill be set for returnless style? I had read it was a vette fuel filter....? and what exactly is the 3/8" hose for....
  2. do you also have an xlink for sale? is that why you ask? either way, ill take the tb.....can you text me some pics?
  3. no I don't....so far ive only got the manifold coming in bare. im trying to gather parts for the swap
  4. this throttle body is what I need for my tbss manifold swap, correct?
  5. how much more would I benefit from using a true 90mm?
  6. how would the tbss fuel rails work with the Delphi 42#ers on my 03 sss with a tbss manifold swap?
  7. is it true 90 or 87mm?? oh, and im very interested in it, ha.
  8. GO EAGLES!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have a stock ss exhaust system.....
  10. Is that what you run in the 1/8th with the mods in your sig? Im just asking because I run about the same times and I was thinking maybe I had a crappy tune or something especially with my shitty 2.2 60ft
  11. yeah, shadowsniper is definitely your man. I recently did a 243 head swap on mine unported but milled .030'' which has me at around 11.5:1 or so...
  12. sweet! I appreciate the feedback, bro. I actually looked into it and it seems like the 07' 5.3 intake manifold has the exact same part number as the tbss...just something to ;look out for for those of yall looking for one.
  13. And I should expect to see the same gains with the nnbs as I would with the tbss? Has anyone here done the swap and felt like they lost power in the bottom end? It seems like something I hear way too often, ha.
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