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  1. Haha thanks guys! And yessir here's my thread when I installed them stock red, then later in the thread when I wrapped them in tint http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.php?/topic/88777-new-LED-tails
  2. Well brakes were last year but I didn't post em haha. upgraded brakes to slotted/dimple rotors, all new calipers & pads and fronts +1" to nnbs Tahoe setup. Hell of a breaking difference. Now finally got some 20"reps and brand new stock tires for cheap off a buddy's new 6.2 What would be the Atlantic City skyline lol
  3. are those painted black already or is that just primer
  4. If I turn the truck on and use the passenger side first that seat works fine. Once I hit my driver seat it kills both. So at least that way I can single out to just my driver side element is blown. The seat circuit resets with the ignition. And the use of a bad element kills the whole circuit. So as long as I don't touch my driver side the passenger side works fine. When the gf is riding, enjoying the heated seat & decides to put her feet on the dash or give me tude, I hit my heat to kill power to hers hahab
  5. I tried to visit the link from the picture from your photo bucket. It just says Did you look all throughout your photo bucket already? Perhaps you moved it somewhere else before
  6. Hes from my town, couple years older than me but a bunch of the same friends. It's weird being at a dive bar with someone who's in a video game and nationally recognized haha Fun fact, his cousin Troy used to have an 03 red SS lol
  7. I got the regular 3535 actually so no resonater. Just checked the price of one on eBay and the Jones brand was listed right with it. Looks very similar in looks & price. Those weren't around when I browsed 2yrs ago lol
  8. I'm pretty sure I got the 3535xl, so resonated.. But it's been two years so I forget honestly lol I'd have to check my order
  9. good point, just band clamp it for a temp job and see how ye like the sound. if its no bueno at side exit, it wont be much, if any, better as my turndown before the axle. youd wanna do the dump over the axle to get the sound away from the cab. my muffler is 3.5" in/out if thats what youre asking
  10. i believe theyre 2.5..because actually i ordered a 3" in y-pipe (magnaflow 10798), thinking stock piped were 2.75 and it was too big. had to run to the store and get reducers.in the first pic you can see stock pipe, reducer, y pipe, then 3-3.5 reducer for the muffler. its not the prettiest but no one can see it lol i personally love my Aero. between the bigger 3.5" size and 6.0, its a nice and throaty at idle & cruising. mean af at WOT. it is a little loud while accelerating but that is also cause the turndown exit is facing the ground right behind the passenger cab. the drone calms down once maintaining speed. my music drowns it out anyway usually so to me its not bad at all only other video i ever took with the exhaust. merging https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RIJ295Ktn4
  11. instead of doing two mufflers, then a y-pipe into single tailpipe..why not just do a y-pipe before the muffler, then run single muffler and single tailpipe. thats what i did. magnaflow y pipe (got wrong size OD and needed that extra reducer lol :slap: ), Aero Turbine 3535XL muffler, then 3.5" turndown before the axle. excuse the pics, they were two years ago in the middle of winter lol cold start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeInc8wXzMY short cruising https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzGaFxRIa-M
  12. Bought AC Delco professional (mid grade out of their three) last night for the rears. Was still $40 for the set off amazon
  13. good deal with the nephew haha have any pics of the truck?
  14. revival question! looking to do the tahoe 13" front upgrade. i replaced my hoses last year with braided hoses on my stock brake set up. i assume the hoses would still fit the 07 tahoe calipers, but would like a confirmation on that also, will you be able to return your stock silverado caliper as a core for the tahoes?
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