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  1. 👍 good to know your issues are fixed... I’m on a 4-6 drop on my 2wd SS, so didn’t have issues with a 1pc driveshaft since mine has the 2pc.. I am also running McGaughys helper bags and they do make a difference in towing and ride.. I will never run a drop kit without helpers from now on

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  2. My current set up is McGaughys spindles and drop keys for 4in up front... I already have the djm arms and was about to install them but noticed the shock mounts are different on the djm arms... currently the truck has belltech SP shocks right now and work ok but I do think there’s better out there... my plan is to run the 3in djm arms + either spindles or drop keys alone with a decent shock for a 5in drop up front

  3. He’ll yeah man! I’m down I’ll take it.. I’ll pay you the shipping fee if you ship it to me... btw how hard is it to install the fog lights? I’ve kinda been wondering how to install them... I know sometimes ppl have to move the grill a little to the front for clearance and I wanna know if I can install them without moving anything... I’d like to keep everything stock with the foglights 

  4. 8 hours ago, dcairns said:

    😄 But seriously, if you can afford it, or find a good used one, it is the most fun mod you can do. It totally changes the character of the SS

    I know! I’ve been wanting a radix or tvs 1900 and every time I have the extra cash for it none come up... and every time ones comes up the funds are not available lol

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