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  1. I’ve had some rattling noise for a while now under my truck... at first I taught of my exhaust being loose since I had to cut the tail pipe after I lowered it, but I just got a new tailpipe last week and still has the same noise... I have also replaced shocks and some front end parts that were a little worn out, and now I’m guessing it might be the t bar crossmember bushings... anyone know how to check if they’re bad??? Also has anyone replaced these???? Part#s? 

  2. In the past back in my GMT400 days, I actually replaced a leaky oem radiator with an all aluminum one (can’t remember the brand tho) but it actually sucked... that thing leaked & costed even more than the old original one... I ended up replacing both with a used oem radiator that a guy was selling from a truck he was parting out... so my advice would be a new or used OEM

  3. Hello I recently got some used 22s bonspeed billet wheels for my truck and after seeing other billet wheels I like the look of the “brushed” face/polished lip wheel... I’d like to know how the brushed finish is done on billet wheels??? Is it even do-able?? Expensive?? Any shop around the Houston area that does this kind of job?? Or should I just leave them how they are?? Thanks! 

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