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  1. No bump stops are just for keeping the axle from hitting the frame..
  2. One of my drum brake cylinders is leaking... I’m going to replace it... truck is 05 SS 2wd anyone know if the brake cylinders and shoes are the same as a regular 10bolt 1500?? Or are the parts off an HD 2500 being that the diff is 14bolt?? Thanks!
  3. Idk if you already searched for a Montecarlo intimidator badge... supposedly the tailgate badge on an intimidator Silverado is the same as the one on a silverado tailgate...
  4. iirc, the ball joint stud on the upper control arm has to be trimmed so it won’t come in contact wit the rubber boot on the cv.... unfortunately mines a 2wd, also 4-6 so I can’t confirm but maybe someone with a 4wd will point you in the right direction....
  5. Bonspeed sweep 6 billet wheels
  6. Belltech street performance seems to be one of the best ones for a lowered truck
  7. I’ve also heard mixed opinions.. one thing for sures is that WILL NEED bodywork to make it look up to your standards... some people are happy with the way it comes Pricewise $$ and don’t mind the work involved to make it work.. others are not so pleased with how they come out... I bought a fiberglass wing a few years back and honestly I didn’t think it was that good of a product.. the thing was really cheaply made and of really low quality that I didn’t even messed with it and decided to sell it... then a few years later I came across an original one and the fit and quality were far more superior than the replica one... but of course I had to pay more for it
  8. Don’t know if your shocks are good, but usually new shocks help the ride... some like oem bilsteins other belltech street performance and others like different brands: kyb, monroes, arnott etc... supposedly the best ride upgrade is a coilover set up but idk I don’t run coilovers
  9. Very back of the intake
  10. 👍 good to know your issues are fixed... I’m on a 4-6 drop on my 2wd SS, so didn’t have issues with a 1pc driveshaft since mine has the 2pc.. I am also running McGaughys helper bags and they do make a difference in towing and ride.. I will never run a drop kit without helpers from now on
  11. Welcome! I also see myself keeping the SS for a long time... I think if I sell the SS I will be regretting it later on
  12. I had a similar shake on mine but not as bad... I replaced my shocks and fixed my problem
  13. One of my friends with a clone made his own grille inserts out of a broken honeycomb 06 front grille... he cut the pieces with a dremel tool... they came out good they look OEM..I didn’t noticed until he pointed out that he made his own and showed me
  14. Same here.. red 454ss to pair it up wit my black SS
  15. My current set up is McGaughys spindles and drop keys for 4in up front... I already have the djm arms and was about to install them but noticed the shock mounts are different on the djm arms... currently the truck has belltech SP shocks right now and work ok but I do think there’s better out there... my plan is to run the 3in djm arms + either spindles or drop keys alone with a decent shock for a 5in drop up front
  16. Any of you running the djm 3in lowering arms on your SS what shock options are there other than the djm shocks???? I would like some street performance or maybe qa1... any other options?? Part numbers??? Thanks in advance
  17. Check the SS clone FB group... I see them there from time to time
  18. The SS has always been a great tow rig to me also
  19. Not really a fan of clones, but I do have to admit when they’re built the right way like this one they look bad ass.... nice truck man! 👍
  20. I would pick it up but I’m not living in Houston at the moment... I had to came back to The Valley for a while... maybe in the summertime/fall Id probably get sent to Houston again...
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