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  1. this is my SS on 22s reps and a 4-6 drop
  2. I currently have 22s silver SS reps.. I went with those cuz they’re easier to keep clean and IMO there’s only 3 styles that fit out trucks: SS, TBSS or custom billet wheels. I’ve also had 2 sets of billet wheels and they look the nicest but they’re a pain to keep clean since you gotta polish those alot. I’ve had black wheels on another truck and they’re dirty all the time even after washing them they get smeared up.
  3. I ran into this issue recently when I bought 22s reps.. my oem caps wouldn’t Clip into the rep wheels so what I did was put some electrical tape around each tab on the oem caps and then put them on… they have stayed on so far after a few months already.. other option would be to use a torch and heat up each tab and bend them out a bit until they can grab onto the clip ring on the wheel… I also have the 20s oem wheels on my single cab and I decided to put the replica caps on those… for replica caps on oem wheels, all u gotta do is trim off some plastic around the tabs on the rep cap and those do Clip onto the oem wheels..👍🏼
  4. Thanks for the link but I had seen that one already and msgd the seller if he had the other side but no… it’s ok I bought me a set off that fB SS clones page already 👍🏼
  5. Looking for a set of diamond style DUCT grilles let me know
  6. Nice truck… what year it?? Are those 22s??
  7. 2212ff for the rear and 310400 fronts should work for stock/2in drop on all sides
  8. Ok cool.... I’m on a 4-6 drop on my SS maybe going 5-7... I’m thinking about upgrading to 22s reps since my 20s look small to me.. but lyk I said all the ones I’ve found have repairs.. that’s the reason I ask
  9. Those of you with 22s SS replicas, how’s the quality??? Seems like most of the ones I find for sale locally are repaired already.. unless ppl don’t know how to drive and beat them to sh*t
  10. Yeah for sures... intimidator parts are crazy expensive now... there’s even a guy now wanting to raffle headrests, cluster and emblems on that SS clones page.. he plans to do $100 a ticket and 100 tickets to sell... so he wants to make 10k for those things lol
  11. Kdesigns sells a 3D printed SS honeycomb bumper grille that’s pretty good quality.... the thing costs $300 that’s the only downside... the airduct honeycomb grills are still available for around $60 a pair
  12. Anyone knows how to do this “jump” on those brake vacuum canisters wires??? Thanks!
  13. Found my problem... 1 side of the coolant crossover pipe on the rear side of the engine was leaking from the o-ring gasket... I bought the replacement felpro gaskets that have 4 and replaced both rear ones and front ones since I was there already... pretty simple and cheap fix... trucks been good ever since... hopefully someone finds this useful in the future 👍🏼
  14. New set up??? What was your previous setup?
  15. Thanks guys for the suggestions... I have checked and checked I everything points to be the intake gaskets... I haven’t driven the truck in a while to prevent any major damage.. it’s just parked waiting for me to start working on it... truck is filled with coolant so the cold weather wasn’t a factor..
  16. Yesterday after getting home from work and letting the truck sit for a while I noticed a small puddle of coolant under my truck... I gave it a quick check but couldn’t find anything obvious.. only thing found was that it leaks down onto between engine and where the tranny meet so I checked both hoses that go into the firewall for the heat condenser but those seem ok...any other suggestions?? Thanks! 05 SS
  17. Yep that’s exactly how they are.... they wanna get gold and diamonds for SS parts... I see Intimidator parts selling for big bucks wings $1500+, dash emblems $700+, headrests $600+ etc shit I’m even tempted to sell my shit for that much lol
  18. ? it’s true about ppl going overkill on SS parts.. specially on that fB SS clones page... I’m tired of the “best offer takes it” or “what’s this worth” stupid posts.. just put a damm price if you really wanna sell
  19. Summit racing sells some I believe... I remember seeing cowls for 06s there check their website
  20. It’s possible previous owner lowered the front a bit decranking the bars.. a set of belltech street performance shocks should make a difference in ride quality if your looking to improve that... as far as lowering kits all SS trucks have torsion bar suspended.. no springs.. ways to lower it are lowering torsion keys, spindles, djm lowering arms or custom coilovers
  21. I’d offer him some money for the whole tailgate
  22. Same here.. transgo shift kit vette servo on both of my trucks
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