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  1. Just used Chemical Guys Butter Wax today and man I’m amazed by the results... I am by no means associated to any way to the company, just sharing my experience with this wax...after trying numerous products, I recommend it if you want to keep your truck looking impeccable 👌👍
  2. matslp488

    ISO: OEM rear bumper

    Rear bumper here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/03-04-05-06-CHEVY-SILVERADO-SS-REAR-BUMPER-NEW-OEM-VICTORY-RED-NOS-12335660/173889376099?epid=1023207045&hash=item287c9d4f63:g:oqEAAOSwbedct0BQ
  3. Is there any specific double sided tape I need to glue my driver door cladding??? I’ve tried 3m and epoxy glue but every time it gets hot outside the cladding comes off and I don’t wanna damage it when I open the door.....
  4. matslp488

    Wills Rcsb Build

    What did you use to put the cladding back on the truck..??? My drivers door cladding keeps getting loose with just double sided tape...
  5. matslp488

    FS: Silverado SS lanyards

    I’ll take 1 pm ur PayPal..
  6. matslp488

    •••Heater Core going bad!!••••

    I got the original bucket seats and consoles.. I was looking at it today and it doesn’t seem that hard just time consuming... for now I just bypassed the heater hoses and seems doing fine in this “Houston cold Weather” lol..
  7. Driving my truck today I noticed coolant odor, kept driving and my temp seemed normal. When I got home I started checking and saw leaking coming from a small hose under the ac canister that comes from the firewall.. sure enough I started reading and all symptoms appear to be a failing heater core 🤬... from what I’ve read it’s a PITA to install! Dash has to be removed completely.. anyone has had any experience with this on their SS??
  8. matslp488

    Not really a build but finishing up a project

    Yes I got an OEM wing and also have the gatekeeper bracket.. I think that’s what saved it from getting it stolen... for now...
  9. matslp488

    Not really a build but finishing up a project

    That’s ****ed up.. hope the A-hole gets caught and gets an ass kicking for stealing other ppl sh*t.... about a week ago I have suspicions that my SS wing wanted to get stolen off mine since I had just done washing and detailing it someone left all their fingerprints on the handle and wing 🤔
  10. matslp488

    Truck shakes when braking?

    Mine is been doing the same thing lately except I get like a rubbing sound or kinda the same steering column clunking sound but it comes from around the passenger side front tire... I also would want to know what it is??
  11. matslp488

    Corsa vs DB??

    What’s the difference of Corsa and DB?? It says DB is made by Corsa and also cheaper than Corsa but is there any other difference???
  12. How do you guys clean your center caps from this white “stuff” or oxidation from the polished center off the oem center caps???
  13. matslp488

    Dammit Boys

    Dammm that’s a lot of coin just for that... I was worried my ac was going out last summer and took it in with a friend mechanic of mine and just turned out to be that one of the connections was loose and making bad contact... thank god I didn’t have to spend anything on that..
  14. Welcome! Enjoy the truck that’s what it’s for!!!