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  1. Welcome! Enjoy the truck that’s what it’s for!!!
  2. matslp488

    2003 SSS - needs some love

    Welcome and congrats with the new purchase... that’s not a bad looking truck as it sits..
  3. matslp488


    Dammm... I just saw this!
  4. matslp488

    •• Houston TX Members Advice••

    Damm you’re scaring me now lol
  5. matslp488

    •• Houston TX Members Advice••

    Dammit.. I think I’d be better off buying an older work truck then and leave the SS at my parents house...
  6. I will be transferring to Htown in about a month and I would like to know what’s a good area to look for an apt... any advice my fellow Htown Members???? I will be working at the Hobby Airport for about 6 months so anywhere around that area is preferred... thanks!
  7. matslp488

    2006 Silverado Intimidator SS resurrection

    Never been an led everything fan and I’ve read a lot on aftermarket lights getting moisture inside the lens that’s why I only have the oem look on mine.. only upgrade to my lights were hids up front and led license plate bulbs
  8. Today driving around I noticed my truck made a whistling noise at around 2k rpms before shifting into gear. After crawling under and checking along the driveshaft I noticed some play on the carrier bearing assembly. I just lowered my truck 4-6 about 3 weeks ago and everything seemed fine no vibrations either. I’m thinking of replacing the carrier bearing assembly but cannot find the part # for it.. some say it needs to be pressed in and out and some other people say it’s just the complete assembly that needs to be replaced no pressing in anything.. so any of you guys that have done it which one is it??? Btw truck is an 05 SS 2wd 2pc driveshaft
  9. matslp488

    Size of emblem on air bag????

    2 3/8 or 60mm I just ordered one not too long ago
  10. matslp488

    Some people...

  11. matslp488

    Rear driveshaft

    Lol 😂
  12. matslp488

    Ss reg cab

    Yes double sided tape will work fine... same thing with the front bumper just take the lower valance off and slide the SS cover on top...
  13. Just had a new sunroof installed... no leaks or problems whatsoever.. what do you guys think???
  14. matslp488

    What did you do to your SS today?

    Installed a sunroof today on my truck