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  1. Not bolt on... you will have to make a different bracket to make them fit
  2. There’s a group page on FB called SS clones look for it.... a lot of ppl sell SS parts on there
  3. If it has all the RST goodies (seats,cluster,wing,front bumper valance,wheels, emblem, correct paint etc)I would assume it’s the real deal...I don’t think the vin # will decode it since RST was all aftermarket...I might be wrong tho
  4. Check on the FB page SS clones someone had some for sale not too long ago 👍
  5. Thanks Richard!! I’m loving the way the truck looks now 👌🏼
  6. Finally got my differential narrowed and installed my bonspeed 22s 6in lip on the rears truck is dropped 4-6 😎
  7. Dash emblem??? Driver side rear bed cladding???
  8. I’ve read about control arms and spindles combined being dangerous... is it true??? What is the reason?? Just picked up some for my SS I want to go 5-7... currently at 4-6
  9. What drop does the truck have on???? 4-6??
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