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  1. matslp488

    [email protected] 125.26

    Damm... your truck hauls ass for an ol’ Heavy ext cab...
  2. matslp488

    A LOT of Silverado SS parts for sale BEST OFFER

    Any pics of the steering wheel emblem?? And bow tie txt 7198217188
  3. matslp488

    What did you do to your SS today?

    Finally changed my Colorado plates for some TX plates today... had to remove my window tint to pass the inspection... 😡 then took the SS to the beach
  4. Raceline billets 22x8.5 & 22x10 6in lip used but in excellent condition normal driving wear no curbs no scratches with like new tires about 500mi on them differential must be narrowed... located in South TX Harlingen... Local pick up only asking $2900 obo pm or txt 7198217188 for any questions or pics
  5. matslp488

    Bouncy ss..please help

    Coilover set up???
  6. matslp488

    Interior door panel pull handle issue...

    Ok so finally I figured this out... you can actually just replace the arm rest on the door panel by itself... its held on with 7 mm screws kinda tricky but do able... went to my local u pull and luckily found an arm rest in dark pewter color so I just had to replace it... unluckily the complete door panel from the junk yard had the gray carpet on top so it wouldnt have matched the one on my truck...
  7. matslp488

    Interior door panel pull handle issue...

    After a while I got frustrated that it wouldnt open so I started pulling up, down, in and out and it broke from the inside plastic where it attaches with a bolt... I got it to open but broke the dam pull handle... Ive been looking online and they do sell the arm rest part only... just cant find any info on how to take it off and install a new one
  8. So long story short, my rear drivers side door didnt close all correctly and when I closed my drivers side front door it kinda got stuck.... I tried pulling that sob front the inside and ended up breaking the interior pull handle/arm rest on the door panel and the panel where the windows/ lock switches also became loose... are these pull handles/ door arm rest replaceable or will I need the whole door panel??? Thanks in advance!!
  9. matslp488

    DUB Baller S116

    Ballers... I like those rims... a member here(someotherguy) has/had them on his intimidator and they look bad ass..
  10. matslp488

    WTB: SS Rear Bumper

    Im from The Valley...HRL area
  11. matslp488

    When do you consider your mileage to be too high?

    I always thought it would be cool to have my 04 ss and a 90 ss. same here
  12. matslp488

    WTB: SS Rear Bumper

    Not mine but on my local CL: https://mcallen.craigslist.org/pts/d/chevy-silverado-super-sport/6676315294.html
  13. matslp488


    Hi beams, low beams and fogs all turned on
  14. matslp488

    6654 shock extenders

    Finally figured out this extender... idk if fit on these is really tight or just was my case, but I hammered the sh*t out of them and finally made them fit... ride on my rear seems a softer now not as firm
  15. matslp488

    Oh hell...

    Lol haha funny