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  1. You happen to know the part # on the bowtie emblem??? Can’t seem to find it I get a lot of #s... thanks!
  2. I believe it... those trucks get taken down to The Valley for a rebuild and then ppl flip them.... a few weeks ago while driving back from The Valley I saw a red SS on 69 south on the back of car hauler semi with all the front end destroyed...
  3. Welcome! Pics of the truck?? Where u from?? Color?? Mods???
  4. I also get to see 2 SS’s at home.. there’s a guy at my apt complex that owns a black 03...I just feel more special cuz I got ISS interior on mine lol..
  5. In the past back in my GMT400 days, I actually replaced a leaky oem radiator with an all aluminum one (can’t remember the brand tho) but it actually sucked... that thing leaked & costed even more than the old original one... I ended up replacing both with a used oem radiator that a guy was selling from a truck he was parting out... so my advice would be a new or used OEM
  6. Dammit.... been looking for one of those for years... too bad you’re not local
  7. Damm thanks! guess I’ll just leave them polished
  8. The lowest the better, NO bags, NO tucking wheels, NO rubbing, and riding nice and soft like a Cadillac 👍 scraping is fine I can deal with that
  9. Hello I recently got some used 22s bonspeed billet wheels for my truck and after seeing other billet wheels I like the look of the “brushed” face/polished lip wheel... I’d like to know how the brushed finish is done on billet wheels??? Is it even do-able?? Expensive?? Any shop around the Houston area that does this kind of job?? Or should I just leave them how they are?? Thanks!
  10. Belltech 310400 for the front 2212ff rear
  11. Street performance is the way to go on these trucks
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