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  1. Not really a fan of clones, but I do have to admit when they’re built the right way like this one they look bad ass.... nice truck man! 👍
  2. I would pick it up but I’m not living in Houston at the moment... I had to came back to The Valley for a while... maybe in the summertime/fall Id probably get sent to Houston again...
  3. Good idea I might consider that... 👍🏻
  4. He’ll yeah man! I’m down I’ll take it.. I’ll pay you the shipping fee if you ship it to me... btw how hard is it to install the fog lights? I’ve kinda been wondering how to install them... I know sometimes ppl have to move the grill a little to the front for clearance and I wanna know if I can install them without moving anything... I’d like to keep everything stock with the foglights
  5. Wanna sell your stock one if it’s in good condition??? I’d be interested
  6. There’s no SS steering wheel... if you want one you can get a trailblazer airbag and switch it out for yours and have the sticker made from motorcityvinyl.com or use the trailblazer SS one
  7. Numbers that I got are GM 12335769 & 12335700.... they both look the same to me... gold bowtie... even tho one I found on eBay (12335769) says Silverado SS gold with a BLACK OUTLINE
  8. Anyone know the differences of the 03-06 SS front grille Chevy bowtie emblem VS a regular Silverado emblem??? Is there even a difference?? Or are the the same gold ones??? I’ve searched different part numbers hence the question.. Thanks...
  9. Looks bad ass... I like that color 👍
  10. I have a unicorn 🦄 parked in my driveway too bad it’s on my dads truck lol... I’ve been wanting to trade him for mine for a while now lol
  11. Welcome!... nice truck sometimes I wish mine was red... I used to work at a warehouse right across I25 at the fountain exit a few years ago... I used to live in Pueblo then moved to the springs then to Denver... man I miss CO... I should go back to get away from this south TX heat
  12. I know! I’ve been wanting a radix or tvs 1900 and every time I have the extra cash for it none come up... and every time ones comes up the funds are not available lol
  13. I hate everyone with a supercharger on their SS (in a good way) 👍
  14. At first I wasn’t really feeling those.... now I kinda want one lol
  15. My current shock set up right now is Belltech SP up front and Monroe sensa-tracs rear... I’m lowered 4-6 tho... when I first lowered it I had SPs all 4 but the rear was a little too stiff for my taste so I switched them to the Monroes for the rear only and it rode much smoother...then I added helpers and now it rides like a dream... now I would like to get the same ride for the front because it’s a little too stiff with the SPs but I also don’t want a too soft shock that will hit my fenders...
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