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  1. Welcome!.... I used to live up there a few years ago around the Aurora area but now living in Houston... hope you find a good tuner for your tranny... post pics of your truck... before I bought my SS I was contemplating buying a black 03 Sierra Denali quadrasteer but never came across a decent one..
  2. We all know the Mexican 400s have a 5.7 350 vortec... nothing special just a sticker package
  3. Damm... wish u where in the Houston area... I’d take both... glwts!
  4. How much for the doors then?? Front grill also?? A friend is interested if it’s in good condition
  5. Drivers door cladding piece only??? How much thanks!
  6. I’ve had some rattling noise for a while now under my truck... at first I taught of my exhaust being loose since I had to cut the tail pipe after I lowered it, but I just got a new tailpipe last week and still has the same noise... I have also replaced shocks and some front end parts that were a little worn out, and now I’m guessing it might be the t bar crossmember bushings... anyone know how to check if they’re bad??? Also has anyone replaced these???? Part#s?
  7. I NEED to gtfo of Houston asap!!! Shit does suck here in Houston
  8. You happen to know the part # on the bowtie emblem??? Can’t seem to find it I get a lot of #s... thanks!
  9. I believe it... those trucks get taken down to The Valley for a rebuild and then ppl flip them.... a few weeks ago while driving back from The Valley I saw a red SS on 69 south on the back of car hauler semi with all the front end destroyed...
  10. Welcome! Pics of the truck?? Where u from?? Color?? Mods???
  11. I also get to see 2 SS’s at home.. there’s a guy at my apt complex that owns a black 03...I just feel more special cuz I got ISS interior on mine lol..
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