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  1. It’s possible previous owner lowered the front a bit decranking the bars.. a set of belltech street performance shocks should make a difference in ride quality if your looking to improve that... as far as lowering kits all SS trucks have torsion bar suspended.. no springs.. ways to lower it are lowering torsion keys, spindles, djm lowering arms or custom coilovers
  2. I’d offer him some money for the whole tailgate
  3. Truck will look great with 22s on
  4. Same here.. transgo shift kit vette servo on both of my trucks
  5. Nice truck i like tbss wheels on our trucks Great choice ?
  6. Nice job ? my headliner is also starting to sag and my plan is also to have it reupholstered in tan suede
  7. I just replaced my rear brake shoes, drums, cylinders and springs.. truck is an 05 SS with drum brakes... I have already adjusted my brakes until they are barely touching the drums.. my drum go in and come off very easily... every time I go for a drive I keep hearing squeaks and my brake pedal feels mushy and soft.. worst part of all it seems that my shoes are dragging on the drums because they get really hot and I get burnt brake smell.. I double checked everything after install.. what could it be?
  8. Bad ass truck ! I’m in for future updates ?
  9. Not a bad looking truck... I also have a single cab truck that I would like to start working on it ?
  10. No bump stops are just for keeping the axle from hitting the frame..
  11. One of my drum brake cylinders is leaking... I’m going to replace it... truck is 05 SS 2wd anyone know if the brake cylinders and shoes are the same as a regular 10bolt 1500?? Or are the parts off an HD 2500 being that the diff is 14bolt?? Thanks!
  12. Idk if you already searched for a Montecarlo intimidator badge... supposedly the tailgate badge on an intimidator Silverado is the same as the one on a silverado tailgate...
  13. iirc, the ball joint stud on the upper control arm has to be trimmed so it won’t come in contact wit the rubber boot on the cv.... unfortunately mines a 2wd, also 4-6 so I can’t confirm but maybe someone with a 4wd will point you in the right direction....
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