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  1. I got to do a little work on the head lights there a little hazy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Lol I don't post like I used to cause all the hell I caught over the stang. I bought a newer escalade to. I'm looking to do some mods to it to.
  3. Yeah I've sold everything but the catch can. I still get on and snoop around.
  4. Wish you all a very merry Christmas!!
  5. Stock for stock a mustang gt will out run a Camaro ss . I've drove both several times. I hate to have bought a Camaro and be getting smoked by all these mustangs. I wanna be the one doing the smoking lol. Gm gets there shit together I might look into one. These cars are lighter, better geared and close to the same hp. Some people are turning these new 5.0s past 8500 without any issues. With a supercharger 675 hp can be had for under 7k. Weight is a huge difference mustang is 3400 vs Around 3900-4000 Camaro. Plus I get 25-26 mpg
  6. I be always been a chevy man but this car turns me against the Camaro. It's nicer, faster, and you can see out of it lol
  7. I got a brand new rx catch can for sale pm me if you interested. I can walk you thru how to install to
  8. The Camaro I drove was nice to. It didn't feel as quick to me. The challenger I drove was slow. The Camaro was 29k and I ended up with 21k. This car had better options. I wanted a vette but wife wouldn't let me go that route. Here's a pic of the of the two I drove. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Guys I just got tired of dumping money into it the truck only booked for 6k because of the salvage title. I had to get out of it. Its the only thing I found that was fast and I liked. Maybe one day I'll have a vette.
  10. Lol it was on Sirius radio. I didn't even realize that. I had to get rid off the ss didn't want to put anymore money into it
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