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  1. What part number do I need for the Detroit truetrac? My rear is a 10 bolt so a 14 bolt wouldn't work..and do I need any other parts? My truck is a 2003 awd Silverado ss. My g80 went out.
  2. Yea it is close to me.. why is a 14 bolt swap better than just upgrading my 10 bolt with a tru trac tho?
  3. Thanks man cant wait to upgrade. My g80 went out.
  4. jmontero146

    So my transfer case went out..

    At first I thought it was my rear differential that was bad.. had it checked out and put the right fluid in and the rear wheels still continued to shudder on turns..took it to a chevy dealer and they told me my transfer case viscous coupler is bad. A new or remanufactured transfer case goes about for the same price as new viscous coupler..so my question here is what do u guys recommend a new or remanufactured transfer case or just replace the damaged viscous coupler with a new one? If I go with the remanufactured case or new where should I order it from?? Or should I just get a used transfer case? My gut tells me no for a used one..
  5. jmontero146

    So my transfer case went out..

    Ended up getting a remanufactured viscous coupler for around 500..OEM specs and iso9001 certified.
  6. Cant figure out the problem.. my rear differential seems to shudder when making slow turns..had the rear differential checked and put new fluid in it and it still does the same problem..anybody ever had this issue? Maybe transfer case?
  7. I drained it just incase and put the correct fluid in it just to make sure.. still does the same thing..
  8. Seems my rear differential is making a clunking noise or pop whenever I spend a while driving and make a sharp turn. The rear left wheel locks up.only on sharp turns.What can this be my mechanic said it could be a bad clutch.
  9. Well I took it in last Monday he changed the clutches on the rear differential we put 75w 90 fluid and the clunk went away but now the rear wheels seem to bind or lock a little bit when making slow speed turns. He said the transfer case might be the problem.
  10. jmontero146

    Silverado SS grill 200 shipped

    PM me I'm interested send some pics 2.
  11. PM me if u have one for sale. 2003 to 2005
  12. Set of 3, doors and tailgate
  13. jmontero146


    A set of 3 oem silverado ss emblems. Doors and tailgate.
  14. jmontero146

    Wanted/ silverado ss oem emblems

    How much?
  15. My auto dual climate control does not heat or cool properly. I cheaked everything and i noticed that my truck when i bought it has a custom headliner so its missing the aspirator in cabin temp sensor. It seems like there is no cuts in the wires i cant find where its missing from. Where does thr apirator connect to where does this harness run 2? To The dual climate control?
  16. thats the thing im missing that sensor in the headliner its like if the truck never came with it theres no wiring for it.
  17. thanks thats some good info but wouldn't the plugs be different so if i get a manual it would plug in no problem?
  18. Also did the hvac re-learn and still the same
  19. i bought the truck from a previous owner so i dont know, the climate control has always been like that since i bought the truck.changed my climate control module and nothing.could it be my thermostat? OR THE BLEND DOORS? BUT Which ONE?
  20. Every vent in my truck blows at the same temp. So idk if its the blend doors or the climate control unit.
  21. How many blend doors would i need all 3 of them?
  22. It only heats at 90 and the heat is really not that great.same in the summer the ac is not that cool eaither.
  23. Could it be that my climate control wwnt bad its a 2003 so maybe??