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  1. Is your ss awd too? Pinion angle Is fine I ended up notching that crossmember out.
  2. It failed because i lowerd my truck 3/4..my driveshaft was hitting the crossmember..then this winter my truck bottomed out with all tje snow built up in the bed..went over a bump and it was strong enough to break the driveshaft.
  3. Thanks...I ended up going with the doorman one..thats the only one i could find online..why not trust it?
  4. My rear driveshaft on my 03 silverado ss snapped in half. I have the aluminum driveshaft..whats the part number i need for a new one? Its an awd.
  5. I have the same problem on mine..Exactly what u described.. what I herd from doing research is that it has to do something with the little sensor on top of your headliner..the one that looks like a little mic its actually called a aspirator and its a sensor for the climate control.The problem i have is that it looks like someone removed the sensor and the wiring for that when the previous owner put a new headliner on the truck..it almost looks like it never came with the truck..I guess ill have to somehow rewire it or something.
  6. If anybody is willing to sell me one it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Looking for the the lower tailgate molding for the ss. Seems the part is discontinued.
  8. Will shorter bumpstops lower the height just a little bit..i already installed my drop kit but left the oem bumpstops on.
  9. Does anyone run this cam on their ss? I just ordered it.i use my truck on the weekends and sometimes it can be a daily driver..i have long tube headers a magnaflow and a volant cold air intake installed on my ss. I want my truck to sound a little bit meaner and just a bit faster..is this a good cam..not looking to turn my ss into a race truck...
  10. Ur right on that..might as well pull the trigger on it lol
  11. I think 138 is a little too much for that piece wondering if someone could sell me a spare lol
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