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  1. Mine the starter was actually fine it was the starter solenoid mounted on the side brittle is an understatement tried unbolting the wires and it broke into pieces mind you it let go in a CVS parking lot had to swap it out in a busy parking lot on the ground bought a new starter and a cheap socket set and a half hour of work and I was good to good.
  2. My Factory Starter let go last winter just under 200,000 Miles I had no complaints
  3. I stopped liking their pickups with there 2007-2013 body styles it looked so boring with flat panel body lines down the sides I loved the 2014-2018 body styles and now I hate these new body styles and the Stupid tailgate that is the main selling point that has to cost thousands if ever has to be replaced I’m all set who the hell even needs all that crap in a simple tailgate just more things to break and cost the buyer a ton of money I can see those being a hot item for the meatheads stealing them and selling them imagine that even on the black market at half price that would still cost a fortune.
  4. Good price Id take it for a spare if you were closer
  5. I happen to have some parts for a transfer case rebuild that showed up 2 months late after the second set of Parts I ordered showed on time
  6. Its got the power not so much the transmission itll hold up for some time but its a 1500 and not so much the frame to a point itll hold up but its a 1500 so it has its limits and the suspension is mainly setup to drive as a daily without anything in it being its a Sport Truck I tow 2 Snowmobiles up north for a 5 hour ride and that is perfect Ive towed a 1971 Chevy 3/4ton pickup on a car trailer once and it was definitely a little over the trucks capabilities I wouldnt do it all the time but 1 day trip to get something sure if I was gonna do it weekly Id definitely look into something in the 2500 3500 area.
  7. My friend added helper airbags and towed a good size salt water boat without any problem with his SS Silverado mine feels heavy with just 2 dirtbikes in the bed hauled a pallet of wood pellets once wont do that again bottomed out for the whole 2 1/2miles.
  8. yeah I have had dual exhaust but it was before the bar so I cannot confirm that will work with your setup but people here claimed they wouldnt work with a Corsa Exhaust and mine worked fine without modifying anything and some bars dont work with the rearend covers and these Oem Escalade Esv bars work depending how cheap you can source the bar you could easily spend around $100 or less if your dual exhaust is mounted high these bars might still work
  9. Dont waste your time or money just get a Escalade rear bar I have Corsa exhaust and Moser rearend cover and it clears all of it and works mint.
  10. yeah the dealership transfer case was rebuilt not new wish they told me that I wouldve done the rebuild first cause I was expecting to get a new one and these are pretty easy to swap out in the driveway with a couple of ramps drain it and remove the Driveshafts and its only 6 bolts holding it on definitely worth trying if youre trying to save money. When I went through it again I also upgraded to a hd rear case along with a MA pump plate had driveshaft problems that caused the rear bushing and bearings to wear out enough to allow the speed sensor to rub the shaft.
  11. Ive gone both routes dealership transfer case $1400 and Ive rebuilt that Parts costing close to $600
  12. Aldofashow

    Im concerned

    Exactly why we all need to upgrade to 6.2 Engines with Boost
  13. Ive had mine for years these are legit High Quality you guys are gonna love these
  14. Im a little over 200,000 miles now Ive always done oil changes on time runs great but I feel when Im doing wide open pulls nowadays that my head gasket might let some coolant push past the gasket cause my engine light flashes only at full operating temp never when its warming up still I dont have cats and I notice coolant missing after awhile of driving Im swapping motors soon Ill know more when I break it open and Ill say Ive been driving this thing hard since 2006 the thing is unstoppable and no engine work ever just oil changes and knock sensors still factory sealed engine
  15. Same I got the tool trying to do it right and ended up muscling it on by hand it stretches so its not that bad way better setup then what came on our trucks stock
  16. I’m at work when I get out and back to my truck I’ll take a picture of the the belt part number and yes Johnny man handle the crank pulley
  17. Lift the bed over dropping the tank any day of the week remove drivers side bed bolts and leave the passenger side bolts in 1/2 way acting like a hinge and use a 2x4 to hold it up while servicing the fuel pump.
  18. I literally put it on carefully with my bare hands I wouldnt waste the money on the Tool
  19. Ive thrown a belt a couple times and the tensioner was showing its age I found the stretch belt installed it and never looked back no more squeaky tensioner bearings also which is the best part
  20. I swapped out mine for a Gates stretch belt and ditched the tensioner havent had any Problems yet 2 years Running and its still the stock a/c compressor with over 200,000 miles
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