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  1. I have an L33 that I am trying to rebuild and I am looking for a piston for it. It has to be flat top as I have an L33 5.3L with stock flat top pistons.
  2. I live in Canada and I installed a tru cool 40k the other day and I purchased the bypass but I didn't know which way it should go. Which line flows to the cooler and which one flows to the trans?
  3. Looking to cam my silverado and was wondering whats for sale.
  4. I bought a TNT nos kit for an fbody and I was wondering what else do I need
  5. I know what the paint looks like. When you have rust and body work that needs to be done you need real paint. Not fake peel able stuff. I got enough peeling paint to deal with. Plasti dip has its place. But I don't believe in covering body paint with the stuff
  6. I am wanting to redo my trucks paint on the cheap side and was wondering what kind of product is duplicolor for redoing this type of thing. Was thinking of going with a basic white, would like to do black but I dont think i can paint well enough to do black.
  7. Looking for some bigger injectors for future mods for my 5.3l. Gimme a shout.
  8. Seems crazy to think the tc will be close to the same price as the trans.
  9. I was looking for a 4l80e and a scrap yard is offering me one for 650. Is this a good price? Located in Saskatchewan must also be taken into consideration.
  10. I want to cam my 5.3L and I was wanting to do some FI down the line but if I am going to cam it I want one that would compliment the FI later down the line but still be great for a stock engine.
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