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  1. Leviser, do you have part numbers for what you installed?
  2. Just did mine on Saturday. Positive feel in the rear now. I suggest removing the leaf springs so the you have complete access to the old bushings. The black ones have graphite vs. the red ones.
  3. Yes same concept, I just wanted to maintain an OEM look to it. This is the final look with new bends.
  4. Here is my set up, don't mind the bends, I was going to mount in a different location, but that wasn't going to work. So I was commuted to the bends I made. So it consists of a 04 GOT fuel line from russel, and a 3/8 double head fuel line from Dorman. I'll replace the fuel line with a new one, with cleaner bends.
  5. Here are the parts, just don't know when I'll have time for the install.
  6. So parts will arrive today and I'll post pics of them, if they get here before i go to work. And install them soon when I get time
  7. I was wondering the same thing last night when I did my swap. BTW it was a B to install the filter with the lines linked. I think I may of found a solution for it. Stay tuned for an update, when i receive the parts I'll post pics.
  8. Pulled into Von's as I was pulling out in my wife's G8
  9. PCM Tune question about the 160*... Where on efi live do I reprogram the PCM with the new thermostat? I have the clutch fan, so I don't know if it is even needed. Thanks
  10. After 16 hours under the truck i finally was able to install the kit. Holy crap, 6 of those hours was trying to get the pan off, attempted every single tactic out there. But i still have some questions, do you not install the spring that comes down with the separator plate during removal, for the accumulator piston that is inside of the case, light blue in color? I also installed a corvette servo with a single gold shim, is that a no-no? I will drive the truck like this til next weekend, to correct any discrepancies that you wise ones will point out, if any, and to replace the 1-2 accumulator
  11. I've stated before on other threads, I have a muffler with the stock tip still attached to it. Im near DC I think im about 8 hrs from Boston.
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