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  1. Anyone installed these, looking to add them for lighting reasons but not sure whats involved in doing so
  2. Ya I like the dark lights BUT I dont think they will look as good unless the rest of the truck is that way
  3. sounds like ebay may not be the way to go lol
  4. if if theres already a thread on headlights maybe link to to it?
  5. I got a 2004 Red SS and the headlights are trashed from windy sand from there I live. I liked the smoked ones online but i dont think they will look great on the red. im not sure. I wouldn't mind projection lights BUT every set I see online is a little too "honda" looking
  6. Ya Thank You for that, Maybe thats the route to go
  7. So 2004 Silverado SS Awd 150,000 miles Parts Changed So far Rims , 3 sets Tires , New times wont do it right away it seems but then.. they do lol Beltec Shocks all the way around Power Slot rotors brake pads several alignments Steering Column IF the alignment is set up toe out it eats up the inside of the tires BUT it does not do it if alignment is set up to suggested spec, it does it. last Alignment shop said its going to need ball joints soon, maybe that could be the issue?
  8. Anyone know where I can find any type of real world comparison. My truck I think is going to need a new one soon. Its all stock other than , intake , exhaust and tune so nothing crazy needed. Input and suggestions welcome
  9. what about this one? https://www.texas-speed.com/p-2676-rpm-1999-up-silverado-4l60e4l65e-level-iv-transmission.aspx
  10. they sound great but i may be a bit bias as i designed the sub =]
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