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  1. You mean something like this? (Another find from other Japanese website) Yea I love Daytona rims (or other steel wheels like bassett wheels) on chevy trucks too with lettered tires. (FYI 16 inches steel rims fit SSS)
  2. I found a weirdest SSS I've ever seen on some Japanese website today so I would like to share with you guys. This guy made a front bumper by himself.
  3. I think the previous owner added it for some reason. http://www.urban-neon-car-lights.com/product.php?productid=111743&cat=1023&page=1 It looks like a flashing light (strobe headlight) to me... there must be a switch inside of your car somewhere.
  4. I see some mods on your civic too! I'm not sure your civic really saves you money! LOL
  5. Ok thanks! by the way I also go to chipotle on rt4 sometimes! LOL.
  6. I sometimes see a blue SSS parked in front of Dunkin Donuts on River Rd Hackensack NJ. It has chrome side steps and color matched fiberglass bed cover. It's not lowered.
  7. Oh if it's ok to add motorcycles I want to share my Vespa PX150 that I drive around in Manhattan in summer time. I customized it like a British mods style.
  8. I wouldn't do this kind of job just for 100K. See what's happening in Japan right now.... Super dangerous.
  9. tokusuke

    View of fender gap

    How many drops? And what size is ur tire? Looks sick!
  10. tokusuke

    SS decal

    How did u put 5 lugs wheels in there? It looks nice!
  11. tokusuke


    Looks nice! How many drops and what size is ur rim ans tire?
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