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  1. 907AKSS

    Turbo build

    Yeah man I relocated them up on the firewall
  2. 907AKSS

    Turbo build

    2005 SS with forged dished pistons, forged rods, ls3 heads with stainless steel valves and trunnion bear upgrade, 76/75mm trick performance turbo kit, devilsown meth kit, 40k trumax oil cooler, Texas speed cam 222/228, ls2 timing chain, built 4l60 with stage two shift kit and yank3600 stall, 120lb injectors, dual walbro 450 fuel pump with -10 feed lines and -8 return, 92mm holly hi-ram intake. Soon will be tuned for E85.
  3. how to get in touch with time2kill? have a 2005 silverado ss that I am debating on doing a 4l80swap or build the 4l65e?
  4. 907AKSS


    Sucks lol! Takes forever to clean
  5. 907AKSS


    That dalton highway puts a beating on any vehicle. It too8 hrs round trip to from Fairbanks to arctic circle