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  1. Hey guys been a long time no see. Been busy lately. Not that most of you probably know me I was that active. Anyways I been trying to start a shop lately and my friend ran me across this website so I figured I'd give it a try. It's for donation but ofcourse none is expected but greatly appreciated. http://www.gofundme.com/rj34s5n

    1. diggerdan11


      I think its great you have set up a go fund me to help fulfill your dream. I do have a minor suggestion. Your go fund me description is very vague. If you really wank people to donate you need to explain a lot more. What is your education? Are you a self tot taught mechanic or do you have a training? What your experience? What services would you be providing? Who will you be providing it too? These are just a few things you need in order to create a proper business plan, in order to prove to...

  2. anyone know how much a 5.3 bare block with heads cost from a salvage yard? Im selling one but don't know how much to get out of it. I don't want to overprice them but I don't want to go to low.

    1. jovanny


      Here in Oklahoma you can get a running 5.3 for 500$

    2. Prolong


      Alright thanks. I told him 450 and he said he'll take it just have to wait 2 weeks.

  3. I know it's not an SS but I'm selling to buy a car cause I'm moving and starting school in Aug. So I don't need to waste so much money on gas. http://amarillo.craigslist.org/cto/4455903419.html If any one is interested let me know. Also I'm only getting the Cadillac if I win the auction low enough so wish me luck on that.
  4. selling my 04 silverado and getting a 06 cadillac cts. I'm sad to sell my truck but I need a car for school.

  5. Jus broke down with no one to pick us up. Cant get any worse...

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    2. Prolong


      Lol sad thing was it did get worse. I was 3 miles out to the closest town. finally got ahold of someone to pick us up but they were a 3 hour drive so we waited. then when we got 15 mins away from their house the trailer tire blew out. this was like at 5 in the morning. had to wait 3 hours for a tire place to open to replace the tire then found out another tire was messed up. so i left the car at my uncles house. and on top of that 2 job offers i had called and said i wasnt being choosen. It g...

    3. JC03SS


      Wow that is some bad luck. Hopefully it will get better for ya. You've used all the bad luck up already

    4. Prolong


      Yeah, hopefully but I'm not going to jinx it just yet.

  6. Anyone know where I can send in my interior pieces for a led swap? and a gauge cluster repair?

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    2. Downeast Johnny

      Downeast Johnny

      Should have added that Butch is right Steve is the man for the cluster rebuild.

    3. smalltownguy


      you can see steve's work in the vendor praise, I plan on sending mine to him

    4. Prolong


      Yeah, i msged john and someone else on here havent had replies yet and didnt know if there was another place

  7. I'm bout 4 hours away. ! hour north of amarillo. I got a few cousins doing oil fields in odessa/midland though.
  8. Finally got time to read the codes here they are. Their were quite a bit. P0120 P0171 P0174 P0420 P0430 P0442 P0522 P1516 P2101 P2135
  9. Alright well now I fix the idle thing.. Now my truck is back to doing the REP again.. I had a problem with this last time and I rechecked the ground wire and it looked good. I'm thinking it's the throttle body due to these other symptoms I had. Any other guesses I should throw at it? I cleared the codes the other day I'll have to go recheck which codes tomorrow as I'm at work atm.
  10. Alright guys i cleaned it and it seemed to solve everything i dont have idle drop or anything anymore cruised on it for about an hour so hopefully it was the fix
  11. All right plans a little delay but i will get this done later ill post once i do it
  12. I'll go clean right now and while I'm at autozone I'll scan for codes. I'll return in about 30 mins to let ya know.
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