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  1. Just the trailblazer pattern
  2. Thanks sir...lol did not even notice i did that...oops
  3. used 24" tires and wheels, came off trailblazer SS so it is the 6 on 127 mm bolt patters. Wheels have some scratches here and there but could be easily touched up...One tire is new, 2 are in great shape and one will need replaced soon...$600 plus shipping or you pick them up
  4. There is 115,000 on the truck, I know i will never get out what i put in just don't want to give it away
  5. Kicking around the ideal of selling my truck, just now sure what they are going for now a days...Was hoping all you guys would give some input on ones you have seen sold or heard of selling and price range, everything in the sig is still on the truck and 3-4 months ago spent over $10,000 having it completly redone front to back, not scratches on this baby...lol...Anyway any help would be great , thanks
  6. sorry guy mine is for the passenger side that i have left
  7. I think i might have one left from a part out...let me check on monday for you...it might not have the tweeter though
  8. bump...offers?...really need these gone
  9. Thank you sir, hopefully this custody battle ends soon
  10. Hey I really want the tranny and convertor, I am currently going thru a seperation and have my 2 kids so money is tight, hopefully in a week or so i will have the cash but I do want it....if you sell in the meantime i understand, thanks
  11. Took these off a TBSS, couple have minor curb rash about 2-3 long is all, easy fix with touch up paint, all tires are in great shape, located in Nebraska...looking to get $1200 + shipping...open to trades also...let me know
  12. hey could you do $550 shipped and did they give a time frame on delivery??
  13. gering nebraska 69341...business and yes we can unload easily
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