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  1. impressive how the vehicle was serviced in 2018....
  2. Feel free to text me if that's easier. 786 218 9468
  3. SOLD!!!!! Hey guys just throwing this out there to see if there is any interest. I got a built 4L65E with about 10k miles on it. Here is a link to the complete build performed by John "Kelleyperformance" http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/81301-kelley-performance-4l65e-build-blk-sss-04-sss/?hl=%2B4l65e+%2Bbuild Make me an offer and lets see if we can work something out. Also John says he can convert it for a 2wd truck as well.
  4. Got a volant CAI for sale. Looking to get 175 shipped.
  5. I have a supercharger calling your name
  6. TAILGATE AND ROLL PAN SOLD. Thanks for looking guys.
  7. Do it man... u won't regret it. Really adds to the look IMO.
  8. The links are directly to what I purchased. I did not get the brake line kit. At the time I was just gonna have John do it up for me.
  9. The handle is just on the inside of the tailgate. Opens just like normal. I have a thread for Wilwood brakes front and back that are brand new. I also have a supercharger that I will probably part ways with as well.
  10. ROLL PAN AND TAILGATE HAVE BEEN SOLD. THANKS FOR LOOKING. Here are up to date pics of it.
  11. I got up for sale a complete set of wilwood brakes front and rear. Purchased them earlier this year and just never got around to having them put on. Doesn't look like its gonna happen any time soon either. They are brand new. Only reason boxes were open was to ensure that everything was there that was supposed to be. Brand new they cost about 4200. I am asking 3800 plus shipping. Or make me an offer. Worst I can say is no. Here are the links directly to the wilwood site and what it includes. http://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitsProdRear.aspx?itemno=140-9838-D(rear) http://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitsProdFront.aspx?itemno=140-8992-D(front)
  12. John that looks so damn good! Gonna have to get me some fat rib eyes now... Or maybe do another prime rib smoke...
  13. Thanks for the compliments fellas. Those ribs look great stitches. I need to get another batch rolling. I did use my WSM for the brisket John and used my kettle for the thighs.
  14. Finally got around to smoking a brisket and some injected chicken thighs (recipe courtesy of Downeast Johnny). The brisket came out great! Good smoke flavor. The burnt ends woulda been better if I had used a different BBQ sauce. All I had some was sweet baby rays honey and brown sugar, or something like that. It was way to sweet. The chicken was so juicy and the skin crisped up nicely. Seasoned with salt, pepper, onion and garlic. injected with franks wing sauce, butter and creole seasoning burnt ends looked great. the ones with less bbq sauce were delicious u can see all the juices running while cutting it. still makes my mouth water! Sandwiches the next day. still juicy and tender. Sorry for all the pics. I get a little carried away I guess. lol
  15. Lol thanks John. It was good! I wa's in a rush to eat and forgot to take a pic of my plate. I'm on Vaca starting today so hopin to get some smoking in. I got a brisket that I've been eyeing for a while
  16. skirt steak with chimichurri marinade
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