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  1. I"m still here, still have my 03 AWD SS and it's got 74K on it now. Still runs like a top, wish the memory module still worked on mine.... don't have 400.00 to spend on a new one! lol....
  2. SuperDave

    Remove your dash

    Above link didn't work... anyone have a new link to this .pdf? I'm needing to take my dash top off to repaint it.
  3. I don't have a drain plug on my 03 SS ... only changed it once since it was new... they did a flush at the quick lube place.. now they want $150 to do it again... so I'm gonna have to get messy it looks like! lol... I put a Volant CAI on my truck and it makes access to the lower hose almost impossible... Anyone have any tips or tricks?
  4. I bought my 2003 SS in August of 2003.... the first week I had it I painted the grills and ducts both gloss black (base coat/clear coat) just like the bumper. Couldn't stand the cheap gray plastic looking color they were stock. The clear coat makes them more durable and resistant to bug guts anyway. Also painted the front bumper cover with a couple of extra coats of clear while at it... for mil buildup so I could polish it a few more times before burning through to the base coat... It's helped a lot over the years!
  5. I recently took over duties of greasing my one owner (me) 2003 all wheel drive Silverado SS. It's my baby, bought it brand new and plan to keep it till it's an antique. Only 55,000 miles on it at 12 years old so it's doing pretty good still. There is one grease zerk that is a mutha to get a grease gun on... I believe it's the idler.... any clues or hints on how to get to it? Like turn the wheels to the right and stand on your head... or something like that? Will pulling off the front diff skid plate aide in reaching the zerk ? Also how many zerks are on this beast? Someone said once 11 or so... can someone confirm this? Thanks for the tips in advance...
  6. The only way I've changed my anti freeze is by having it flushed. My 2003 SS doesn't have a drain petcock on the radiator as you stated in this how to.... Most are on the drivers side lower engine side of the radiator... where exactly are you saying they are on our trucks? I've looked high and low... No drain...! I know I could remove the lower radiator hose... but that's just a mess and so dang hard to get to on a 4 wheel drive!
  7. I've got one under the bed... but it's never been down. I've never needed it before, but if I do I'm screwed... it won't come down! The winch is broken and it won't budge... anyone got any experience with this problem?
  8. If I left my spare in the back of the truck it would last one trip and someone would relieve me of it! lol.... I still haven't gotten it down yet. When I turn the winch to lower it there is a strange feeling like a stripped gear or it's bypassing the mechanism... It does not move the tire even a millimeter regardless of which way I turn the winch handle. I need to get the truck up off the ground and get out the heavy artillery. I just don't want to ruin it or trash it.. .can't afford to replace it right now and I know a dealership won't warranty it 11 years down the road!
  9. It's hard to lube it if it won't come down... and I tried the jack on top of the wheel chocks deal to relieve the pressure from the secondary latch, but like I said in the initial post... it won't budge at all. It's supposed to lower down until the safety latch catches it and the cable will be loose. My Winch is not moving. At all.... no matter which way I turn it. My truck is garage kept, and rarely driven in harsh weather... not even rain really... the underside is immaculate and the spare has never been down before. There is no corrosion on the winch or any of the frame members under it. I don't believe it is frozen up... I think it's a mechanical failure of a poorly designed or cheaply built spare carrier. I guess it's a good thing in the past 11 years I've never needed my spare! Now to figure out how to get it down without ruining it or taking a torch to it!
  10. I'm surprised I've not seen a post about removing the spare tire from our Beloved Silverado SS trucks before.... My SS is a 2003, 11 years old now with a whopping 47K on the odometer. Today I tried to lower my spare to use while I send my painted wheel to the repair shop for some paint work. Oh to my surprise the hurdles one must jump over and hoops to jump through to get the spare down... lol.... But after all the crap my tire would not budge! I'm not talking about the secondary latch BS.... I'm saying the winch would not lower the tire at all, NONE. Has anyone had this happen to them? I shoved the rod through the bumper until I felt it hit home and felt some resistance to turning, put the handle on the end and turned it to the left about 20 revolutions, and nothing. So I turned it to the right and nothing. I'm befuddled. Can anyone help me with this? Arrgghhhh..... Stupid GM engineers..... !
  11. 30-40 bucks to dismount and remount? Are you serious? lol... my local tire shop does it for 10.00...! Are the factory SS wheels painted or powder coated? They're holding up fine, until I scraped a brick wall on a spoke anyway! lol...
  12. There is a place about 60 miles away that is a refinishing and alloy wheel repair. They want $100 to strip, repair and re-powdercoat the wheel and mount and rebalance the tire. Two day turnaround.... Probably the way I'm going to handle the repair... Now if I can only get the darn spare tire down... Lol.... the old secondary catch has never been tried by me before! lol...
  13. I've got a damaged wheel on my 2003 Silverado SS with the factory painted wheels and need a source for matching paint in aerosol can. Does anyone have a link for me? Has anyone else refinished their stock wheels? I backed out of my garage and came into contact with a brick retaining wall and scratched one spoke on my wheel and carved a gash in my body cladding... sent the cladding to the body shop and got it fixed already, but they don't want to mess with the wheel... claiming they don't have the proper paint or correct color. A wheel restoring place in OKC, OK can fix it for $100... but it's a major PITA to get it off, take out the spare and get it to them. Don't want to run without a spare for a week while it's fixed. Just needing to know if matching paint is available for the stock wheels.... Thanks.
  14. I backed out of my garage and hit a retaining wall and scratched one of my stock type SS wheels. The local body shop doesn't want to mess with them, says they're plastic coated. Is this true? Has anyone ever had to refinish a stock wheel? There is a place near my location that repairs wheels and they're able to refinish them, but I'm curious if they'll just paint them and clear coat them... and it won't look or last like the factory finished wheels. If anyone knows for sure the type of finish I'd appreciate a response! Thanks...
  15. I put a set of 275 55 R20 Goodyear Eagle GT on my 2003 Silverado SS two years ago... I have really low miles (47K) and I like them fine... but the tread design is aggressive and they're kind of noisy on the road. They ride a little bit rougher than the stock Eagle LS also. I won't buy them again... but I'm not unhappy with them. Currently have about 3K on them and no issues at all.
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