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  1. Please excuse my lack of knowledge...but is that intake an upgrade from stock or not worth the effort? Thanks & Happy New Year to the SSS.com gang!!
  2. Glad all is well with you & the truck!! Looks like a very good job. Did the bed have any damage? What shop did the work?
  3. Did the hub bearings Saturday & all is good now. Got both sides done in 3 hours. Have to tackle the dipstick next.
  4. Yes play in the wheel! OK Thanks......I have Moog hubs waiting for me at Pep Boys. They wanted $175 I found them on summit and they matched the price $125 each. I usually like to use GM parts if at all possible! Thanks very much for your replies!!!!
  5. I think I might do both while it's all apart. I have 111K miles on the truck.
  6. Gonna take a ride to make sure it's doesn't have a clicking sound. OK just watched the hub bearing assembly video.....guess I'll do the hubs first. No leaking from the CV boots!
  7. sounds and feels like a bearing.......I thought the bearings were part of the CV joint.
  8. I might be interested.........shoot me a pm with $$ and when your thinking of taking them off. Thanks Dave
  9. First looks like my CV joints are needing replaced. Have some play in the wheels more so on the passenger side! So figured I'd check the lugs and oil and I'd grease up the front end. My dipstick won't go back in all the way. Any suggestions on the dip stick?
  10. I wouldn't worry much about that. If your not finding any spots on the ground I'd just start taking it out on some day trips every weekend. Seals go dry I would think thats the only worry. Do a good once over top & bottom check wires, hoses & belts and then have some fun!
  11. my clock is hitting 110,000.......I think this truck will be with me long time. I'll throw another motor in it if I have too!!
  12. Well I'm late to the party..............truck looks great!!!
  13. lots of corvette stuff, doors, body parts, off road exhaust covers, headers w/side pipes, hub caps, multiple sets of newer take off rims went cheap. A set of 4 went for like $60. Complete turbo set up for a 70's-80's blazer with exhaust manifolds. I missed what it went for. Holley carbs, intakes old & newer. Pedal cars and planes. Had a room full of fishing stuff.......couple stuffed bears, deer heads, antlers.
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