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  1. Ok cool and I didn't get any email. Try emailing me at [email protected] thanks.
  2. arod6692


    Damn between those 2 links there's everything you need thanks.
  3. How long does it usually take to arrive.
  4. arod6692


    I've been wondering and asking this same thing for a long time. But I'm about to get the lights and figure it out myself.
  5. Hell yeah it was I already got all the paint stripped off the messed up center caps so I can paint them the right way.
  6. Sounds good. How do I pay for this. Sounds good. How do I pay for this.
  7. Ok cool I'm in on the $400 set up. How does the rebate work exactly.
  8. I actually bought that exact kit and they have been on the truck over 2 years with no problems.
  9. I may buy the $400 kit is that $400 before or after the rebate what is the final price thanks.
  10. Thanks again man nice meeting you. We did end up going to Chicago I didn't get home till 11
  11. Ha I still got mine haven't put them in yet either.
  12. I posted this in the silverado ss fb page but it didn't get any hits. Idk how nobody hasn't jumped on this I would have for sure. Good luck though I'll post it again.
  13. If you could please contact me at 6187794123 thanks.
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