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  1. update: I swear! this SH*T NEVER ENDS!!! I just sheered off the end of my wheelchair axle!!! I have to break my chair down, pull the axle and have it tig welded. I wish I had a tig so bad right now. anyways...... Please (( CALL )) me if you need something. --- 719.388.3348 I wont have time to be on this fourm today, I hope you guys understand
  2. to all my fans and guys that lost hope..... I will go (UP), (OVER) and beyond to make this ALL RITE!! I promise you all, if you ordered and are waiting and waiting forever...... I will throw in freebee's and order from a diffrent supplier to make it rite. If you "want" to order and are really skeptical because of what you heard or read.... I will hook you up with a great price to set things rollin' again! I WANT to ALL to believe in me. I don't wanna waist your time with, "blah blah... Im sorry, this is why" Im flat out SORRY and WILL make it rite!!! I will be logging in this fourm tomorrow at 7 am!------ CALLING me directly is alwasy a great idea! --> 719.388.3348 please start talking... (((((((((((((((((((( I will make this rite ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 719.388.3348
  3. http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/189/uiuiadegjejtcdgqgfjvek.mp4/ I did this the other night..... I swear I did it just for a laugh! the guy standing at the counter is a cop. Ya, the one that does nothing KB-
  4. Don't worry about it Muggs.... I'm in a wheelchair, witch means I get away with murder! You roll with me, it's ON!!! KB-
  5. Jason, Muggs.... you 2 are badass mofos in my book!! If you lived closer, I'd chill with ya'll for sure! ..Show ya how real Cali boys RIDE!! KB-
  6. thanx bro! I love your signature! looks sooo clean! KB-
  7. anyone, feel free to pass it on. call or text anytime, any day 719.388.3348 thanx guys KB-
  8. http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/42/d85tvufffrtxpbfflecqcy.mp4/
  9. hey 2B, lets go tint our windshields 5% bro...... shiittzz ,,,,,,,,,, DOPE BRO!! that way popo's wont be seein our bongz and shit when be blazin KB-
  10. post some pics of that zebra hood Jake KB-
  11. not just lights. I got a few other things coming up. I cant wait to show you all my heim joint steering I'll post more when I get settled in my new place KB-
  12. thanx guys! I can't wait till summer!! think my truck is cool now?? wait till you see my crippled azz get down! KB-
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