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  1. Mine is an 04 and has air bag status on the rear view mirror.
  2. I have the same muffler and dumped at the muffler with turndowns as well. It will mellow out after a while but my exhaust guy tried different length extension pipe between the factory pipe and the new muffler to move the drone in the rpm range. 10" was the magic length. And the drone also improved as the muffler broke in. Also moving the muffler back 10" really changed the in cab sound not near as loud. But it is a loud muffler dumped. As far as loss of low end power or not running as good I did not and have not experienced that. But a tune will wake your truck up. My .02
  3. That's sad and awesome at the same time !!! Welcome from THE LEX !!!
  4. I really dig the sound of mine !!! And it got a little louder after the muffler broke in.
  5. I will look into the Sam Adams "Porch Rocker" Always looking for a new brew to try.
  6. Yes it is !!! I have to drive around 100 miles to buy Yuengling, So I make a trip every month or so and buy a few cases... But the Summer Wheat is hard to come by, had to go almost to Columbus to find some... But I was up that way for Rock on the Range...
  7. Cincinnati Speed .... https://www.facebook.com/Cincyspeedracing/timeline
  8. Dealers in Louisville, Ky are normally pretty good about negotiations, B/C their are so many dealers around... I looked it up on KBB and trade-in is around 21500, So its not that bad of a price as far as KBB is concerned... Good luck with your search !!!
  9. This should fit what your looking for.... http://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/626592953/overview/
  10. I vote for dumped !!! I like the sounds of mine....
  11. A guy posted on the Facebook page that he was from Louisville, Posted about Super Sport Sunday... This is his F/B page.... https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000004438358&fref=nf
  12. http://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/619709408/overview/ Your in Corbin, So only a short drive to Knoxville...If you like RED...I know you want Blue or Black, But still a good look'n SSS... Also, Welcome to the Site from LEX.....
  13. The $765.00 OBX Headers are a catted system the $505.00 ones are off-road header system that don't include cats. My .02
  14. If you have full coverage insurance, your windshield may be covered by your policy !!! So Check it out before you spend $$$...In Kentucky it's a no cost state !!! Have had 4 windshields replaced on other cars I have owned and has not cost me a dime, and most glass Co. will come to you here... My .02
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