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  1. Hey everyone I am looking for a SS that has low/semi low miles I'm looking for one that is not red. I can spend up to $16000. Please post links and /or pictures. I live in South Carolina if your close please respond. My name is Zach, Thanks
  2. Fluxos

    Need SS

    I have been looking for a SS for some time now and I have looked all over Craigslist and eBay and I can't find one that is close or it is to pricey. I find one that I really like and I find out that it has a salvage/rebuilt title, or its half way across the states. I live in South Carolina and I can't trust a truck on just photos, I would like to look at it in person and come back on different day not having to buy it on the spot or if I don't like it, waste gas/plane ticket to them and get nothing out of it. If you live somewhat close to me please post your link of your add on Craigslist, or post pictures of them in the comments below along with features and price. Thank you, Zach
  3. I've been looking all over Craigslist cant find a good one around me
  4. Looking for SS, what I am looking for: Color: Black, Silver, Charcoal Grey Engine: 6.0l Limited Scratches and dents (hopefully none) Stock rims, (if not that's ok) Leather Interior Clean title All-Wheel Drive (Two- wheel is fine too.) A Price range between $0-$13500 Limited Modifications
  5. About to sell old truck and I want me a nice SS. Black, Grey, or Dark Charcoal Grey, or Dark Blue. I live in South Carolina looking for something close but post anything. Price range from $0-$13500 Thanks
  6. Maybe I'll find someone that will donate me one haha...I can only hope And thanks for the advice.
  7. I am new to the website and I have been looking all around Craigslist to find a nice SS AWD. I have yet to find one, my buddy told me about this website. What I am looking for: - Nice truck little to no scratches - Semi low miles - Price range between $0 - $16,000 - Good interior - Dose not have to have items Post pictures of truck please or email me at: [email protected] Thanks
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