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  1. 28's were badass looking, but as much driving as i do, and the condition of the roads out here, i had to downsize..
  2. if you do get those tahoe reps, i would try to get a hold of some of the stock center cap's for the actual wheel.
  3. i didn't know they made the tahoe 22" reps, i love them, but i can't complain about the TBSS 22"s either!
  4. im not a big rim guy, but the 28"s did look clean..not something for me though, but as stated above, it rode like a shit brick wagon lol, couldn't drive it no where. Now the drivability is flawless, just like it was stock. couldn't be happier with the downsize
  5. Yes sir amber delete, all LED lights inside & out.
  6. yeah its pouring rain right now and I'm going to be gone all weekend, but i couldn't wait to post a pic up.
  7. Hey guys, i just saved a 2007 nnbs Vortec Max! I bought it from a guy who had it lowered 4/6" and had 28" rims on it... so those wheels had to go. I replaced them with 22" tbss chrome replicas with a 305/40/R22 tire. I couldn't be happier with the results.. sorry for the poor picture quality, i will try to get better pictures posted soon.
  8. I'm still open to any ideas guys, but as of now i think I'm going to run ARH, and arh's "y" pipe, 3" pipe to a single spin tech 9000 and turn downs
  9. haha i knew they made the x and y shapes, i didn't know if one design was better for holding more back pressure or what.
  10. whats the differences in the y and x pipe? do they both do the same?
  11. lol you plan on running another? and thanks for the replies on the pm, i think i will love the 9000 sound as well. loud doesn't bother me lol
  12. i was thinking maybe going into an x-pipe after headers then dual out into mufflers and turn downs maybe 2 1/2" or 2 3/4"...but honestly Ive never ran headers on a vehicle, and i don't want to lose any performance gains from any of the mods i will be adding to my truck.
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