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  1. The guys got my number off of my ad on the forum. Cause the mods dont delete the ads when theyre sold. Guess I should have taken it down. But I dont really care. I am not gonna be held liable.
  2. THat makes me feel a little rbetter, The person who bought the truck from the Dealer ship called me last night accusing me of KNOWING it was stolen and still selling it. Theyre ****ing idiots. Pissed me off so bad. She said the VIN that is on the computer registered a truck that was in California and is at a dealership right now and is RED. She also said the VIN plate on the dash is FAKE and doesnt match the one on the frame or the VMI. Im so confused.
  3. Some had changed the VIN# plate and updated the title and not the vin in the truck. I am not sure, but I told him to check the frame VIN. If its the same as the plate than the computer was swapped with one from a junker or something, because it would be way to much trouble to change the frame.
  4. The CARFAX even checks up with the current mileage and stuff.
  5. I dont have the money, I bought another vehicle. I need some serious posts here, were talking about losing 16,250$ not 1500$
  6. I sold a truck a week or two ago to a Hyundai dealer ship, and the title and vin matched everything checked out good. I had the truck legally reigstered put in my name and everything. Yet the dealership just called me saying that the trucks VIN # on the computer DID NOT match the one on the plate, which is bull shit. They told me the truck is stolen and they are having to go to the law to start a recovery process. They say I might have to give back the 16,250$ I was paid for the truck, which is bull shit because I sold it to them fair and square, it is not my fault they did not do a further inspection. So Does anyone have any experience with this issue? I know people have had their trucks STOLEN, but this is a rare issue. Or does anyone know legally what could happen? I dont think I am liable for the charges, due to the fact that I bought a clear title that had a matching vin # I have all my receipts, and I even have the old plates and BILL OF SALE. I gave him the guys information I bought it from and theyre going to trace back the line of sellers. PLEASE HELP ME. I cant afford 16,250$... I DONT HAVE IT!
  7. I never posted anything on facebook? Btw I didnt buy this, I put it on my truck and sold my truck soon after and the dealer ship didnt care to have the cai so they said I could put the stock one back in. You can tell it has less than 500 miles by looking at the filter. I also am gonna ship it out in the ORIGINAL box with the ORIGINAL instructions. Why would I keep that for more than 2 weeks if I didnt plan on selling it? I could care less if you're out one way or the other, I am going to sell it. 150$ obo for the cai, and 25$ plus shipping for the tbs. Its a great price for a volant even if it had 10000 miles. Keep ur useless K&N
  8. Its a pain in the asssssss thats why. And 75$ shipped really? Its worth more than 75$ to me to let it rot in my garage., its gonna cost me 75$ to ship it, so you want me to send you this box out of the kindness of my heart? Im not kind, Ill do 150$ + shipping but thats it and thats for the VOLANT. GL finding one used with less than 500 miles for that price.
  9. You guys are smoking crack. Good luck finding a Volant CAI for less than 200$ NEW.
  10. Its not the powercore, its the other volant filter. No I dont have a model number, it has less than 500 miles on it. Seriously this is a steal these things are 300$+ new. Its a volant CAI black top withthe blue volant logo, looks very clean, has the regular filter not the powercore. TBS I can let go for 25$ + shipping. Or its going in the trash
  11. Text me for pics. I have them theyre just on my phone. It needs to go. I also have a stock exhaust for free whoever picks it up!!!!
  12. Bump air intake is off the truck in a box with all the hardware ready to ship.... less than 500 miles on it, these are 320$ new. 190 + shipping!!! Air raid tb would look cool if anything
  13. Truck is SOLLLDD! Sold it to a dealership for 16250$ LOL Love them guys.
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