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  1. What's up guys, had a little accident and I'm looking to get a used factory passenger side mirror. 03 SSS blue. Doesn't have to be perfect just has to be factory. Thanks
  2. No specific question here. Just blowing off some steam! Trucks in the Trans shop again! This will be the third time something happened. The first was just a stock Trans with 100k and was slipping. Had it rebuilt and beefed up due to a super charger install. Worked great. Blew the converter up. Didn't even run it that Hard. Different/better converter and rebuilt again. Lasted about 6 months and overdrive blew out. Fixed agin. Took supercharger off and basically back to stock. Lasted 2 years and now it's in the shop again. Started slipping and now won't move at all. Hopefully this is the last time lol. Can't take it anymore! Anyone have as many issues? And I literally drive it once a week pretty easy. It's crazy. Grrrrrr
  3. What's up guys had a little fender bender and I'm looking for a passenger side blue mirror assembly. Does not have to be on great shape just something to get by with. Please let me know thanks
  4. Baltimore Maryland. And for some reason it won't let me post pics keeps saying error not sure if it's the site of what. I'll try again tomorrow. Made by pace Edwards model number- cd-82 serial number- 158010 Message me if your interested and I can either email you pics or text.
  5. I'm selling my retractable bed cover. It's in good shape no cracks or anything. It locks and retracts smoothly. It's made by pace Edwards company. Model and serial are in pics. Asking 350. Not sure about shipping I think that would be excessive lol. Might be better for local pick up. Message me with any questions. Thanks
  6. Sold! Thanks everyone that mrssaged me about this.
  7. Lol yeah deff need one of those. Qvc man get one and make 6 easy payments lol.
  8. Thanks man. The only vehicles I have tuned with it is my 03 silverado as ans my 07 tbss.
  9. Alright guys I'm selling my hp tuners pro for gm set up. Comes with everything just download software and ready to use. Unit has 1 credit. Askig 375.
  10. You wouldn't have to buy anything except maybe a few hoses for vacuum and coolant horses and some hose clamps. This set up bolts right on. Comes with blower, all pulleys, injectors, and belt. There is 2 wires you have to splice into for the mass air flow Sensor. Now with the tune I have the tune that was on it I saved it and can email it to you. You can start with that as the base tune. But not every vehicle is the same with the same mods. So it will have to be tuned. Any other questions let me know.
  11. Lol as much as I would love to help you out I need help also lol. Haha
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