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  1. you need tune,and it will fit on a tbss
  2. i have for sale a ls3 throttle body and x-link, asking $300 shipped
  3. I have all the clanddings black, all the emblems, and all the interior,folder mirrors , if you interested pm me,
  4. Which size of fuel line (feed) should i go -8 or -10 shooting for 800 to 900whp,on e85, and should i use my stock feed line for return ???
  5. Mr.RNR

    wont srtar

    thanks for the info, Im going for step 11 because i test the connectors and, The throttle position (TP) sensor 1 5V The accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor 2 5V The engine cooling fan speed sensor 5V The AC pressure sensor 5V The fuel tank pressure (FTP) sensor 5V The oil pressure sensor (OPS) 5V so next is the pcm.
  6. Mr.RNR

    wont srtar

    looking for help. i just did head gaskets on my 2003 silverado, i put it back together and wont star and when start its not running good, i have P0641 code open circuit a what can be?
  7. i like it, and why not your truck your taste, good looking truck. GLWS
  8. bad wastegate , over boost, like i say first time,i learn thru the hard way but o well, if my crank is good i want to keep it so what rods are good ? and im thinking on diamods pistons.
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