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  1. Thanks man, my bad been off the site for a while now. Nice to see you stay in Houston too. I'll be in here more often now. Have a lot of catching up to do. BTW that's some good info I didn't know they had different rears, learned something new there lol
  2. Good luck with your new truck man, we totally understand. Wish you and your family the best
  3. Drag radials made a big difference on a friend's rwd ss, so im very sure 4 will really get you launching lol
  4. Nice but im not that impressed, I still like the ss better than the new ones. I wonder whats so hard to come up with a new sport truck..
  5. Try crawling under the truck and see if you can hear where its coming from, im leaning towards a cat but idk it could be anything.
  6. Thanks man, I tried it out when you posted this and no luck, I guess I have a bad remote. The truck does honk in the process but doesnt do anything when I hold down the buttons on the remote. Ill get a new remote and try again.
  7. thanks again for that info man. Do you happen to have a part number for those Injectors, there are a few out there dont know which ones though. I went with the holley intake so now im just trying to gather everything I need so I can tackle it with no set backs. . Hopefully
  8. Well I've been having my truck for 3 years now and ever since I got it I've never had the factory alarm working I always press the lock/unlock button before I leave and open it with the key. Anyways I got tired of it and wanna get that fixed, I changed the battery on the remote with no luck and followed some steps on the manual and nothing, idk what it could be. If the remote is bad how can I get a new one and program it to work. Just thought I checked here before I go to the dealer and get robbed. Btw an aftermarket alarm is not on my list at the moment so that'll have to get scratched out for now unless I have too. Thanks
  9. Im sorry to hear that you're going through all this bud. I dont know anyone with that problem and what they do to overcome it or else I would help you out somehow. All I can say is don't ever bring the taught that maybe it was better that you should have died in that accident, that didn't happen for a reason, you're still here because it wasn't your time to go. What happened with the burglar is something that had to be done, who knows what might had happened if he was able to do something to you or your family, maybe one of your family members or yourself would not be here if it wasn't for you stopping that criminal. There is something out there for you, someone needs you thats why you're still here. My best bet is do the best you can to go see the doctor or whatever the psychologist recommends. Try going out there and explore different places with your loved ones, get your mind off of those things, those bad memories and thoughts are what's bringing you down. Spend time with your family and do what you love to do or want to do. Sometimes we have our own cure and we dont even know it, by the sound of it its all in your mind and you gotta open it it up and let all the bad things out and bring good in it. Try different things ask your loved ones to make time to arrange some kind of vacation or trip to somewhere where yall haven't been and make new memories and spend time with them since you got a second chance in life. There's so many things out there that can change your life man, with the right help and support anything is possible. Cheer up bud there's still a reason you're here someone loves you and you're gonna get better soon man. If anything we're here for you.
  10. Welcome bro, I see you have the same taste as me lol. I have a single cab 95 Silverado that imma drop a 454 in and make it a clone. An 02 camaro ss in on my list of vehicles to own and well the ISS lol. Get the tapatalk app, set it up and you can post pics thru there easy from your phone
  11. Yea thats true, well I got mine of a dude he said it came off a totaled tbss but the air bags didn't go off, who knows. Imma inspect the bag before I put it in, worse thing that can happen is have the bag blow up on my face at anytime and fck me up.. lol
  12. Alright cool, thanks, ill do that when I get a chance
  13. Umm yea I meant to say is just as fast as the blue ones.. lol
  14. How did you go about shipping your cluster to him, ive been wanting this but im scared my cluster will get lost on the way lol. Where did you go or what
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