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  1. Island Grown

    American racing headers UPDATE!

    For clarification, they have cats on them?
  2. Island Grown

    FS: license plate bracket

    Others have used regular rivets. I know I had planned to do that, but never got around to installing mine.
  3. Island Grown

    wtb:front lic bracket

    Did you ever pick one up? I have an New OEM SSS license plate holder I bought from a member here and never installed it. I no longer have the truck so looking to sell it. Let me know.
  4. Island Grown

    Silverado Bumper and Spare Hoist

    I'm interested int he spare hoist. Please let me know the price. Thanks!
  5. Island Grown

    Silverado Bose speakers. Front and rear.

    Thanks for the info, but I will have to pass. Free bump!
  6. Island Grown

    Silverado Bose speakers. Front and rear.

    Just curious... does anyone know if these connectors fit non-Bose systems? For example, a stock system from a 2000 Silvy. My speakers are on their way out and this may be an option as I don't need to upgrade my sound system in the daily "work" truck.
  7. Island Grown

    WTB 2 Silver stock 20" wheels

    I got a buy it now for my wheel shipped to Hawaii. My suggestion for you is to just bid on it. It's up to 265 shipped right now to the States. Maybe he will end that auction if you message him to purchase 2 wheels.
  8. Island Grown

    WTB 2 Silver stock 20" wheels

    No problem. I just messaged the seller and asked for a But It Now price...
  9. Island Grown

    WTB 2 Silver stock 20" wheels

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/03-04-05-06-07-Chevy-Silverado-1500-SS-RIM-Wheel-ONLY-Good-used-Condition-/280923763180?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item41685c71ec I know he had a few wheels he was trying to part with... I bought one and it arrived as advertised. So he should have at least a couple left. Good luck... I had a hell of a time finding even just one. Places that sold them "reconditioned" were even out. All they had were repops and chrome.
  10. Island Grown

    FS: Headlights and Side Mirrors

    Text sent.
  11. Island Grown

    WTB: One OEM GM Silver SSS Wheel

    Haha, I knew someone would post those up. Those are already gone. Thanks though!
  12. Island Grown

    SS Cladding Front Fenders Tailgate Strip

    Does the front license plate bracket come with mounting hardware? Regardless I'm interested.
  13. Island Grown

    WTB: One OEM GM Silver SSS Wheel

    Hi all, Looking to replace one silver painted OEM Silverado SS wheel. I prefer to keep my set all GM, so replicas are my last option. I almost never come across any on CraigsList. And I've only seen a couple OEM ones on eBay, but they either aren't the best condition, are chrome, or just priced unreasonably. I am willing to work out shipping as I am located in Hawaii. Thanks in advanced for any help or leads!