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  1. well Dylan, maybe you should find someone that makes 24" TBSS wheels.
  2. clerks II - hilarious. talladega nights - equally hilarious.
  3. nice plates. nice truck. to bad it all has to be wasted on you dylan. how are things old friend?
  4. PMs received. i got back to everyone...so check your inboxes.
  5. If anyone is interested in my old HPTuners setup please PM me for details. It works with all 2003 chevy pickups. Includes: software, cable, usb converter...and a nice cardboard box with the latest minneapolis new paper stuffed inside for filler. sorry...no packing peanuts. my apologies. No need for it anymore with my recent purchase...went with a car for better gas milage. ryan
  6. the way i figure it...as long as they are willing to keep replacing these, i'm good with it. every two to three oil changes i'll just have to remind them to take a look at it. knowing my service guys they'll do it anyways...they are pretty good at giving my truck a once over bumper to bumper before they call and let me know it is ready.
  7. i almost forgot about that? how'd the surgery go on your lumbar region Ben? ...and makani, the only reason it only took me 2 seconds was because it took about 2 hours of powdering her down to find the wet spot. i had to hurry up so that dylan would have time enough to do his thing before your dog got jealous.
  8. so that's good for the tranny??? nice vid!
  9. 10k??? good work, Ben. i'm just glad i haven't been bumped out of the top 5 yet.
  10. i think if i ever got to 340 i would shoot myself...i'm finally below 300 for the first time in 3 years. as soon as your wife stopped cooking me breakfest i was all good...
  11. yeah if things keep going the way they are...i'll have nothing but time this summer to trips... and what's with all the fat jokes..i've lost 25 pounds. i'm a sexy bitch!...and yeah matt, the drivers side one broke as they were taking everything apart.
  12. so i still have yet to get rid of my truck. for the basic reason that i haven't found anything to replace it... being that i subscribe to the belief that a truck like this is not meant to be driven like a normal truck...i'm sure matt and zippy can testify to my driving style...i've done a little ear and tear. being that the truck has been handling poor...i brought it in to get looked at. well, the ball joints were shot. the serivce manager where i bring my truck told me that i was lucky that i even made it to the dealership considering the condition of everything...it seems that the mcgaughys spindles and such, along with my driving habits brought them to an early demise. well, after a little over $1600 its all good. just like new. just another reason, that i'm not going to bail out on my ss anytime soon.
  13. dylan...you have some serious control issues... though, i would probably have done the same thing!
  14. i have had 5 total replacements. just about everytime i am in getting oil change and such they check it and replace if needed.
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