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  1. art stopped making them. always could get a stock cover and hydro dip it.
  2. if you decide to sell individual parts please let us know.
  3. bump list updated to what is left.
  4. I don't at the moment. It's all there and works awesome. Complete setup. One line is even brand new! Haha yea honestly I'm burned out and pursuing a business opportunity in the next few months so liquidating and chasing after it.
  5. all parts have around 500 miles rancho 9 way rear shocks (for s10) ill get lengths $125 Scruggs 80e swap crossmember 4l80 torn down, inspected, with hd2 shift kit. $800 scew in iat sensor with pigtail $35
  6. Use lsx truck accessories. Iv used the lsx to traditional sbe motor stand brackets. You will need to custom ac bracket that mounts it up top. If 2wd, reuse your factory crossmember and just drill new bolts holes (depending which trans you go with) I think on ls1truck.com there's a complete parts list
  7. not far off from mine ....
  8. simple nitrous kit will get you there easily. with smaller pills and a tune
  9. I also would like to know more about the build
  10. I'm curious how those street r tires will work. I know the pros are just a plain great tire. And the et streets are alright. I'm not a huge fan Myself and really want to try m+h, but the street r's don't seem bad so far
  11. No they're right. A tbss intake is prolly best bang for the buck. Add a cam and any of those intakes will pick up As that's what they were designed for
  12. Waste. Keep the Tb get an x link and a decent intake and you will see some gains
  13. same thing as above. I also had a ton of issues with mine. come to find out it wasn't the x link. I had an intermittent signal in the tb wire harness. seems to be a common Silverado issue. I replaced the pigtail and about 10-12" of the harness along with adjusting the etc scalar in the tune. and I get the code maby once every 100 starts now.
  14. rich im back and still have the bumper.I lost your number. just shoot me a text or give me a call and i can get it out to you.
  15. You can, but why not put a $150 eBay inter cooler on there as well as meth?
  16. Yea I'm curious what you want for the console and seats as well. I'm in nc as well
  17. are their prices up there with sps as well? didn't see any pricing on the site
  18. Exactly it will support it. Just have to do a couple pcm related things and good to go.
  19. How high of a stall are you willing to run
  20. http://www.efisource.com/shop/ls1-style-3-bar-map-sensor/ that's the sensor I used
  21. incorrect info. im running a plug and play 3 bar map. I forget where I got mine from ill check some old receipts. Also, depending on the year of the computer and OS that is loaded into it, that will depend what you can upgrade too. What I have found is that if you want to run a 3 bar OS and can only upgrade to 2 bar or 2.5 then you need to start searching the repository for a vehicle of the same year that will support 3 bar capability. For instance, my 2006 would only go to 2 bar. So we found another 2006 Silverado I believe a 2500 that already had the 80e swap and was 3 bar capable. We did a write entire and it worked perfectly. Now with 2006 the computer just doesn't have a ton of room for an OS like a 411 pcm. But, it still works, resolution just isn't as good. I had to license my truck originally, then the vehicle I was trying to borrow the OS from. So it cost me 4 credits as HPT doesn't charge you to upgrade to 2 or 3 bar now. Hope this helps, and I will see if I can dig up where I bought the sensor from. I know of a few people running it and all with great success.
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