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  1. art stopped making them. always could get a stock cover and hydro dip it.
  2. GI.SS

    Feeler : Parting out 2003 Silverado SS

    if you decide to sell individual parts please let us know.
  3. GI.SS

    Turbo truck part out

    bump list updated to what is left.
  4. GI.SS

    Turbo truck part out

    NC right outside ft Bragg
  5. GI.SS

    Turbo truck part out

    Updated and added again
  6. GI.SS

    Turbo truck part out

    Updated list
  7. GI.SS

    Turbo truck part out

    I don't at the moment. It's all there and works awesome. Complete setup. One line is even brand new! Haha yea honestly I'm burned out and pursuing a business opportunity in the next few months so liquidating and chasing after it.
  8. GI.SS

    Turbo truck part out

    all parts have around 500 miles rancho 9 way rear shocks (for s10) ill get lengths $125 Scruggs 80e swap crossmember 4l80 torn down, inspected, with hd2 shift kit. $800 scew in iat sensor with pigtail $35
  9. GI.SS

    Drag Wheel set up

    Greyhound is the way to go
  10. GI.SS

    96 1500 ls swap

    Use lsx truck accessories. Iv used the lsx to traditional sbe motor stand brackets. You will need to custom ac bracket that mounts it up top. If 2wd, reuse your factory crossmember and just drill new bolts holes (depending which trans you go with) I think on ls1truck.com there's a complete parts list
  11. GI.SS

    rolling 1/2 mile

    not far off from mine ....
  12. GI.SS

    Cheapest/easiest mid 13s

    simple nitrous kit will get you there easily. with smaller pills and a tune
  13. GI.SS

    rolling 1/2 mile

    I also would like to know more about the build
  14. GI.SS

    rolling 1/2 mile

    I'm curious how those street r tires will work. I know the pros are just a plain great tire. And the et streets are alright. I'm not a huge fan Myself and really want to try m+h, but the street r's don't seem bad so far
  15. GI.SS

    Adding tb,rails and injectors

    No they're right. A tbss intake is prolly best bang for the buck. Add a cam and any of those intakes will pick up As that's what they were designed for